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Eclectic Homeschooling: Learning a la carte

Eclectic Homeschooling (Learning a la Carte) with a helpful video explaining it all.

Every summer, when I release my curriculum choices for the upcoming school year, I receive a number of comments regarding the rather random-looking compilation of books. But, although it might look like a hodge-podge collection, there is a definite method to my madness.

I am an eclectic homeschooler. Craziness, pure craziness!

But what does that mean exactly? And why would someone choose such an a la carte style of learning? 

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Well, it's simple. I find value in the parts and pieces of many different methods and curriculums. And because I homeschool, I have the liberty to "keep the best and toss the rest" of every one of them. 

Here's how and why I do that.

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  1. I agree! We're a Charlotte Mason family, but CM is a philosophy/method and can be applied just about anywhere, right? Great post. Sharing.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I love the flexibility and individuality of homeschooling.

  2. I need help with getting started with homeschooling my 5th grade Autistic son