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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices {The Unlikely Homeschool}

For the third time, I'm prepping for third grade. There's some kind of "third time's the charm" quip hidden between the lines of this post, but I'll spare you the lengthy monologue and just say that third grade feels like an old sweater. It's been worn in. It feels pretty comfy. It fits like a trusty OLD RELIABLE. 

Here's what my suppose-to-be-in-second-grade boy will be up to in third grade.

Friday, July 24, 2015

30+ Books for Christian {Tween & Teen} Narnia Fans

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Since her very first introduction to fantasy adventures through the award-winning trilogy My Father's Dragon, my daughter has been enamored with all-things-fantastical. She was only in kindergarten at the time. But even then, she knew that this imaginative genre could instantly transport a reader to another world and another time all from the safe comfort of the couch. 

A few years later, she dove headlong into one of THE GREATS...the benchmark fantasy series for which all others are measured. The Chronicles of Narnia. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum {The Unlikely Homeschool}

I've always loved 4th grade. It kinda stands as a launching pad in my mind...the grade where children begin to learn with great independence. Their much-improved reading ability runs parallel with their curiosity and natural passions providing a wide-open-door to learn anything and everything! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Glorious Flight: A Unit Study

Ideas for a unit study using the FIAR book The Glorious Flight

A morning of paper airplanes plus a small herd of eager LITTLES equals a few hours of fantastical adventure...and maybe an accidental poke in the eye or two with the aforementioned airplanes, but we won't get into that!

For our final homeschool co-op book club meeting of the year, the kids and I flew all the way to France and back, through the pages of Alice Provensen's award winning classic, The Glorious Flight.

This simple tale recounts the historic achievements of Frenchman and aviator Louis Bleriot who made the first-ever flight across the English Channel in 1909. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum {The Unlikely Homeschool}

So, what do you call a 7th grader who is doing high school level math, reading, and vocabulary, 7th grade level grammar and 6th grade level spelling?

A homeschooler.

Since the very beginning, I have determined to toss out the pre-scripted plans of the traditional scope and sequence and just write the story of our homeschool based on my children. This year will be no different.

While the number that I've slapped onto her state-required school district letter says SEVEN, any number I assign to my daughter is really just a loose suggestion...something to tell the cashier at the checkout counter or the nurse at the doctor's office when they ask, "What grade are you in?"

Friday, July 10, 2015

50+ Living Books for an Ancient Rome Unit

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When we started our Ancient Roman unit using Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 Unit 4, I had high hopes of a wonderful year filled with historical adventures centered upon great living books. And although Tapestry of Grace quickly became lackluster, the Roman unit did not. A few weeks into our studies, I tossed PLAN A out the window and carved a new path. I decided to create my own living-literature based unit by piecing together books we currently owned, titles I came across at the library, and older-and-harder-to-find gems that I found inventoried on other Ancient Rome reading lists.

I divided the unit into six main time periods and then listed the books, to the best of my ability, in chronological order within each period.


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