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5 Tips for Finishing Strong When You Feel Behind

Written by Jessica.

Unless you homeschool year round, you're probably heading into the last month of the school year. Maybe you feel relieved. Perhaps you feel nostalgic and want to soak up every last minute because your kids won’t ever be these ages and these grades again. Or maybe you feel a teensy bit anxious because you are behind and are not sure that you can get through all the material you have left in the remaining few weeks of school.

What We're Reading in April 2019

What We're Reading in April 2019 #homeschool

For the first time in over five years, I didn’t post our reading list. March came and went with no list. I’m sorry. The sabbatical made me sad too. With my book launch looming, I just didn’t have the personal bandwidth to do any extra writing.

But never fear, plenty of reading was happening. Reading always happens. No amount of busy will ever keep me from books for too long. I’d probably chew off my own arm before I gave up books. Although admittedly, it would be rather difficult to turn pages at that point.

If Homeschooling is Worth It, Spread the Word

If Homeschooling is Worth It, Spread the Word

You did it. Your support for homeschooling pushed it to #1.
My book, Home Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Child With Confidence is the #1 New Release in Christian Homeschooling resources on Amazon and I am overwhelmed. I've been ugly crying all week. My husband is starting to get a little concerned.

I Can't Homeschool Because I'm Not a Teacher

"I have a teaching degree. So just calm down. My kids are gonna be fine."

For the past twelve years, that's often been my GO TO response to all the naysayers. It's an easy one to grab for because it's true and it works. It quickly diverts the mounting criticisms and defuses any lingering doubt.

But if that's the only retort that seems to shut the mouths of lions, where does that leave the Mama who doesn't hold a degree? Does that mean she can't teach her kids? That her kids are not gonna turn out "fine?"

Top 5 Things Every New Homeschool Mom Needs to Know

Top 5 Things Every New Homeschool Mom Needs to Know

I’m not one to hold too much stock in statistics, especially as they relate to education. I think there are so many factors that come into play when you’re trying to quantify something as large as learning. But when faced with the grim reality that 1/3 of all newbie homeschool moms quit after the first year, I definitely take note.

Can it really be true? Are so many moms looking for the exit ramp even before they’ve ever had a chance to see the thing take off?