I'm a wife to my "Mr. Right". A momma of five. A maker of slow food and simple living. A collector of memories, a keeper of books, and a champion for books that make memories. An addict who likes my half-and-half with a splash of coffee. A fractured pot transformed by the One Who makes broken things beautiful. I heart homeschooling, brake for libraries, and am glad you're here with me on the journey! Be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Or, follow along with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, or Pinterest.

What We're Reading in September 2022

Reading outside on the steps

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We're one month in and we're just starting to get back to a regular school day rhythm. The death of my sister at the beginning of August and the launch of my new book Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow at the beginning of September weighed heavy on every part of our lives, including our reading efforts. 

While we may not be flying through books just yet, we've finally returned to our much-loved habit of reading each and every day and are turning pages, albeit rather slowly.

11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023

11th grade homeschool books

“I’ve never met a teenage boy who works as hard as your son.” 

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard these words from others when referring to my second born. Dedicated. Loyal. Steadfast. He invites the unpopular kid. Looks people in the eye and speaks with respect whether the other person is 2 or 102. Puts down his project to help someone else with theirs. Loves eating Italian food, listening to podcasts about military heroes, and exercising. If you need a sheepdog to keep a watchful eye, work hard, and care for those in need of protection, he’s your guy!

9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023

9th grade homeschool books

My middle son loves the great indoors. He’s an introvert who’d rather hunker down at home than be anywhere else. Loves legos. Reading. Legos. Writing stories. And did I mention Legos? He can be lured outside with the promise of a vintage car show, an impromptu game of PIG under the basketball hoop, or a one-on-one at the tennis court up the street. He has a knack for memorizing song lyrics, has a lot to say about the latest book he’s reading, and has an abiding love for tabasco sauce.

Join the Holy Hygge Launch Team!

Holy Hygge with loaf of artisan bread

Calling all bibliophiles, hygge enthusiasts, fans of the Gospel, folks who can hype, and anyone who has a home!

Perhaps you've heard that I've written a new book. It's called Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow. It doesn't hit shelves until Tuesday, September 6th, but from now until then, word about it needs to spread like wildfire. So, I'm gonna need your help in fanning the flames.

Would you be willing to link internet arms with me and join my launch team? Pretty please!

Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow

Holy Hygge cover reveal

21 years.
It's been 21 years since I packed up all my worldly goods in the sunny inner city of Phoenix, Arizona to follow love all the way to a sleepy little town in central Minnesota. Twenty-one years of speaking the language of the midwest until it sounds like my native tongue. (Hotdish, anyone?) And thanks to my Scandi husband who is a handsome blend of Danish and Norwegian, it's been twenty-one years of learning the way of hygge [HYOO-guh].