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Three years.
I’ve been waiting to write these words for three whole years.
Yes, I realize that three years may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things. I’m pretty sure I have cans of tuna in my cupboard older than that. (I promise to toss them out as soon as we’re done here. Pinky swear.) But in the online world, writing years are like dog years: one feels like seven. So I suppose if I break it all down in digital math, I can say that I’ve been anticipating this moment for 21 years, give or take a few months.

5 Great Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

5 Great Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Written by Chelsea Gonzales.

It's almost March 17th! And you know what that means: time to dress in green, head to parades and festivals, and whip up green treats to share with family and friends.

Many people like to join in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, of course, but I often wonder how many of those folks actually know the story behind St. Patrick's Day? How many of those wearing “Kiss me, I’m Irish” t-shirts truly know anything about their Irish culture?

5 Incredible Reasons to Roadschool Your Kids

5 Incredible Reasons to Roadschool Your Kids #Homeschool #Roadschooling #Wanderlust

Written by Chelsea Gonzales.

The number of full-time RVing families is on the rise. More folks are able to find remote work, and this means more people are hitting the road. However, this also means these RVing families must figure out how to educate their children.

Some wanderluster kids go to a public or private school during the school year and travel only during school breaks. However, far more of these students are taking up roadschooling: a nomadic version of homeschooling that incorporates travel experiences into a child’s education.

When You Feel Like Sending Them to "Real" School {Part 2}

When You Feel Like Sending Them to "Real" School {Part 2}

Written by Jessica.

February is late winter, a time many educators feel unmotivated or stuck in a rut. Some call this “the blahs.” It’s the no-man’s land of the school year – the freshness of a new school year is long past, the fun of the major holidays are over, and spring is still far away. It’s in this season that our day-to-day challenges and real-life shortcomings can seem magnified.

What We're Reading in February 2019

This was a sad, sad month for our reading life. We packed up the little attic library that my husband and boys built for me three years ago and sent all but a dozen or so books to storage, for who knows how long. We sold our house, moved to a larger city two hours away, and will be renting for a time until we can find a new-to-us-home.