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Co-op's Been Canceled, Now What? Learning Ideas for Already Homeschoolers

A global pandemic--contrary to what social media says, doesn't just affect the kids in the traditional classroom. In its own way, it affects us homeschoolers too. Granted, we're used to the logistics of learning from home. We don't have to scramble to find curriculum options. Our days already follow a somewhat organized routine. We chose this life. This feels normal to us.

But, homeschooling in the midst of a worldwide crisis is not the same kind of homeschooling that we're all used to. We, too, are stuck inside. We, too, face endless hours of sameness.

50+ Virtual Field Trips to Take When You're Stuck at Home

50+ Virtual Field Trips to Take When You're Stuck at Home #homeschooling #fieldtrip #homelearning

Stuck inside? Cabin fever getting the better of you and yours? There's no reason to let an at-home season or a closed-door policy keep you from great learning adventures. We are living in an unprecedented time of digital equity--an era when the whole wide world is as close as the click of a button.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love to venture out to see a great piece of art, a historical reenactment, or a breathtaking view of creation just as much as the next homeschool mom. There's no replacing the kind of learning and memory-making that can be had when you visit a museum or national park in person. But, I also know that when sickness, weather, or finances limit one's ability to see a site up close and personal, a 360 virtual field trip is the next best thing.

What We're Reading in March 2020

What We're Reading in 2020 #homeschool #readaloud #homeschoolcurriculum

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For the past few months during our Morning Time, our family has been slowly working our way through Billy Graham: America's Pastor. It was one of two missionary biographies I had set aside at the beginning of the year for our basket loop.

This past weekend after turning the final page, we celebrated both the conclusion of the story and the life of the man himself by hosting a movie night at our house. We invited some friends over for pie and ice cream and watched the newly released documentary Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Life. Both the book and the movie kindled quite a lot of conversation around our house.

A Little Perspective for Homeschooling with a Baby

Written by Talvi McCuskey.

What is a good perspective to have when thinking about the importance of babies and toddlers, how they should be treated, what role they play in our society today? It seems like because children are small and cannot always articulate their needs and wants in a desirable manner, that much of society has devalued their worth and relegated them to the nuisance category.

If we're not careful, we, too, can easily slip into this mindset during the homeschool day. Admittedly, babies add an element of upheaval to a school lesson. But should we allow the minor struggles of homeschooling with a baby to spoil the short time we have in this season of parenting?

Workbooks Have a Place and Purpose in Homeschooling Too

Workbooks Have a Place and a Purpose in Homeschooling Too #homeeducation #homeschool #homeschoolmethods

Written by Jessica.

What is a workbook?
It's a simple question with a somewhat complicated answer, especially for those of us who teach from home. According to its definition, a workbook is a student’s book of problems to be solved directly on the page.

In the homeschool world, I’ve noticed that workbooks often have quite a bad reputation. We like to throw around terms like “living literature,” “activity-based learning,” and “hands-on manipulatives.” You don’t find many moms boasting about using workbooks! The truth is, when used in moderation and not exclusively, the workbook has a place and has a purpose.