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Workbooks Have a Place and Purpose in Homeschooling Too

Workbooks Have a Place and a Purpose in Homeschooling Too #homeeducation #homeschool #homeschoolmethods

Written by Jessica.

What is a workbook?
It's a simple question with a somewhat complicated answer, especially for those of us who teach from home. According to its definition, a workbook is a student’s book of problems to be solved directly on the page.

In the homeschool world, I’ve noticed that workbooks often have quite a bad reputation. We like to throw around terms like “living literature,” “activity-based learning,” and “hands-on manipulatives.” You don’t find many moms boasting about using workbooks! The truth is, when used in moderation and not exclusively, the workbook has a place and has a purpose.

What We're Reading in February 2020

I wish I could say that my 2020 reading life began with a bang. But the truth is, it was more like a fizzle. I started and bailed on five books. And although I finally finished three books in January, I really only enjoyed one.

To add insult to injury, our family read-aloud was a bit underwhelming. We kept wishing it would improve. After all, it was from a well-known and well-loved author who we've enjoyed in the past. But, when we turned the final page, we let out a collective groan, articulating our pent-up disappointment.

The 10 Best Books I Read in 2019

Books change me. I'm never quite the same after reading good words. Words make me think. They challenge my set-in-stone beliefs. They show me how to live better in this temporary life and point me to ways I can help others live better too.

I'm never the same ME at the end of a good book. I'm always somehow altered, or at least I should be. Well-crafted words embolden me to stand firm in what I know to be true but also allow me to bend with grace when I need to.

The Easier Way is Not Always the Better Way, Mama

The Easier Way is Not Always the Better Way, Mama #homeschool #homeschoolencouragement

Written by Talvi McCuskey.

What a mixed-up world we live in at the moment. For many people life is not held to be particularly sacred--people are cavalier with their own lives and with those of others. While the value of life is diminished, at the same time the value of one’s image and own desires is being magnified at an alarming rate.

DIY "Stained" Glass Mason Jar Candleholders

Written by Jessica.

Back in autumn, I made a simple craft project with my kids. It was an instant hit! We made a variation of it for Christmas. And for winter. At the kids' request, we’ll be making it for Valentine’s Day…spring…Easter…summer…and even in their favorite colors to use in their rooms at any time of the year.

This project is lovely enough to give to grandparents, or others, as a homemade gift. My kids love their completed projects so much that they choose to keep them on their nightstands next to their beds as “night-lights,” but they could also be used to decorate a dining or living room table.

What is this project, you ask? “Stained glass” Mason jar candle holders!