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What We're Reading in February 2019

This was a sad, sad month for our reading life. We packed up the little attic library that my husband and boys built for me three years ago and sent all but a dozen or so books to storage, for who knows how long. We sold our house, moved to a larger city two hours away, and will be renting for a time until we can find a new-to-us-home.

5 More Homeschool Mom Hacks to Start Today

5 More Homeschool Mom Hacks to Start Today #homeschool #organization #cleaning

Written by Krista Smith.

I’m a plain-Jane sort of a person. I gravitate toward the ordinary. You won’t find any stilettos in my closet and if given the chance to eat something extravagant, I will opt for a cheeseburger. Every time. The same goes for how I manage my home. When faced with the mountain of daily tasks that come with homekeeping while homeschooling, I prefer simple solutions. I've already shared seven of my favorite everyday life-hacks. Here are five more.

Favorite Read Alouds from 2018

Read aloud time holds a permanent place in our day. It's written in stone and happens no matter what. (Although, ironically, it didn't happen today. So, there's that.) Our official time to read is just-after-lunch-but-not-before-the-table-is-cleared-and-the-dishes-are-put-in-the-dishwasher. At least that's the time my clock always shows when we start.

Sometimes it happens with handwork, and sometimes it happens without. It usually depends upon how squirrely my boys are feeling and/or how much silence I want whilst I read.

5 Changes Every Homeschooler Should Make in the New Year

5 Changes Every Homeschooler Should Make in the New Year #homeschooling #homeschoolbravely

Written by Chelsea Gonzales.

A new year is here, and for many, that means a chance for a fresh start. January is a time for reboots, tweaks, and small shifts. Of course, most people make New Year’s resolutions that involve weight or money.

If you, like millions of folks, have made lifestyle resolutions and goals, great! Go ahead and hang onto them. However, I'd also encourage you to consider making a few changes to your homeschool.

Before you roll your eyes or keep scrolling, please hear me out. I'm not trying to shame shift here. I know from personal experience that any bit of change that happens from a root of shame is not sustainable.

When You Feel Like Sending Them to "Real" School

When You Feel Like Sending Them to "Real" School {What a teacher wants you to know} #homeschool

Written by Jessica.

It’s January, and many of us are in the heart of mid-winter: cold weather, short dark days, cabin fever from being cooped up inside. As an unapologetic homebody, I happen to love the way winter calls for cozy, quieter living with my family. I like the restart and the self-reflection that comes with January, too. But there’s no question that mid-winter is a tough time of year for educators of all sorts. If you’re a homeschool mom who never truly steps away from juggling your parent and teacher roles, that can be even truer.