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11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023

11th grade homeschool books

“I’ve never met a teenage boy who works as hard as your son.” 

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard these words from others when referring to my second born. Dedicated. Loyal. Steadfast. He invites the unpopular kid. Looks people in the eye and speaks with respect whether the other person is 2 or 102. Puts down his project to help someone else with theirs. Loves eating Italian food, listening to podcasts about military heroes, and exercising. If you need a sheepdog to keep a watchful eye, work hard, and care for those in need of protection, he’s your guy!

Like his sister before him, he will spend his 11th-grade year taking online college courses from a local Christian liberal arts university. Since we live in one of three states that offer free college tuition for 11th and 12th graders wishing to do dual enrollment, we plan to take full advantage of it. 

Using the Brave High School Record Keeping for Homeschoolers guide, I put a 4-year-plan together for the final leg of his homeschool journey. Here's what he'll be learning this year. Since we only homeschool 4-days a week, you can assume that each of these subjects will only be covered four times each week unless otherwise indicated.

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11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2022-2023

Group Subjects

He'll continue to join us for our Morning Time and afternoon read-aloud each day. You can learn more about those here>>>

Personal Devotions- every day

  • ESV Student Study Bible- While my other kids enjoy working through Bible study books or devotionals, he prefers to read straight from Scripture. 

Traditional homeschool subjects

  • Rosetta Stone Russian- This will be a continuation of the program he started last year. (2x a week)
  • Read for pleasure. (every day) I will gather a list of titles including those on my High School Must Read list for him to choose from each month starting with The 5 Masculine Instincts. (Vetting titles in bulk is a great way to provide a teen/tween some helpful discernment while still offering choice in their reading selection.)

Dual enrollment/college subjects

With dual enrollment, students register for different college classes each semester. But because the workload is advanced, each 4-credit college class counts as one full credit for high school. So, he will complete the following classes during the first semester and register for two or three different classes second semester. 

Composition 101
Principles of World Geography


  • CAP- Each week, he'll attend our local chapter of Civil Air Patrol (the youth auxiliary program of the US Air Force) where he has slowly worked up the ranks to Cadet Second Lieutenant. (Last year, he was awarded the Mitchell by his squadron and went on to complete his second year at Ranger school in Pennsylvania where he won two leadership awards. I have no doubt that this year will hold many more milestones!)
  • CPR/First Aid Certification

Life Skills

  • Mow the lawn or shovel the snow as needed.
  • Volunteer in the church nursery.
  • Clean his room and make his bed each day.
  • Daily chores: sweep the dining room, vacuum all the rugs, clean the downstairs bathroom
  • Weekly Chores for his child-of-the-day privileges and responsibilities: help make lunch/dinner and do two loads of laundry (Mondays)
  • Monthly Chores: three chores that he randomly selects from our chore jar one Saturday each month

Co-operative Learning

Twice a month, he'll attend the homeschool co-op that I lead and participate in two enrichment classes each semester for a total of four for the 2022-2023 school year. In addition, he'll be able to join in on several field trips offered by the group.

His first-semester co-op classes will be as follows:
  • Human Anatomy with Weights and Exercise
  • Career Exploration

With college courses, CAP commitments, and a few volunteer responsibilities, his 11th-grade year is sure to be a busy one. He's a go-getter. Serial finisher. Hard worker. He will rise to the challenge, I'm sure. With only two more years until graduation, I know my time with him is fleeting. I hope to be mindful of every minute.


  1. These posts are always helpful, as I love to get fresh ideas from other homeschoolers. May I ask how your son chose Russian as a foreign language and how you decided on Rosetta Stone?

    1. He hopes to join the military when he graduates and wanted to begin learning one of the languages that would be be the most helpful during his time in the service. Russia was one of a short list of possibilities. He tried Mandarin Chinese and found it incredibly difficult. So, he went with his second choice...Russian. We went with Rosetta Stone because we were already familiar with the program. My daughter had used it years before.

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