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What We're Reading in September 2022

Reading outside on the steps

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We're one month in and we're just starting to get back to a regular school day rhythm. The death of my sister at the beginning of August and the launch of my new book Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow at the beginning of September weighed heavy on every part of our lives, including our reading efforts. 

While we may not be flying through books just yet, we've finally returned to our much-loved habit of reading each and every day and are turning pages, albeit rather slowly.

This has been a season to extend extra grace, both to my kids and also to myself. The former seems to be a lot easier than the latter. But I'm gradually learning to hold my own wounds with tender care. And that counts for something. 

Before I give you my opinion of what we're reading, as is my monthly custom, would you mind giving me yours? If you have read Holy Hygge, would you be willing to give a quick rating or review of it on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book.com, or wherever you purchase your books? Please and thank you!

Nothing will move the needle on the success of a book quite like positive ratings and reviews from actual readers. An honest endorsement tells the internet bots to place the book in front of others who might appreciate or need the message. In that way, one review can amplify the message of a book like a megaphone. 

And now for my list. Here's what we're reading in September. 

What We're Reading in September 2022 #reading #shelfie #homeschoolreaders #homeschool

Read aloud- everybody

The Silver Chair- We took a short break in our Narnia read-through this past July and August and are now back at it. We are determined to make it to the final book together. We're almost done with Book 6 in the series which has a reformed Eustace returning to the land of Aslan with his school chum Jill. They, along with a melancholic Marsh-Wiggle named Puddleglum, set out to find and rescue King Caspian's long-lost son Prince Rilian from the witch of the Underworld. 

Jamie- that's me!

Plot Twist- When Olivia Roth makes a pact with an anonymous stranger on February 4, 2003, agreeing to meet him at a coffee shop in ten years with a finished movie script in hand, she has no idea how her life will turn upside down. But every subsequent February 4th finds her in a plot twist that upends her life and her love. 

I just wrapped up the audio version of this fun rom-com by Bethany Turner, an author I have grown to really enjoy. She writes witty, contemporary plots with many 90s pop culture references. I tend to steer clear of Christian fiction books as they often include heavy-handed moral lessons, flat characters, and predictable plots. But, I've not experienced any of those story transgressions with Turner's offerings. In all honesty, this was not my favorite of the Turner books I've read, but it was still a fun, brainless read--something I needed in order to jumpstart back into the reading habit. 

The Waiting- The year is 1928. Sixteen-year-old Minka is brutally raped on the outskirts of her immigrant farming community and finds herself pregnant. Seeking to protect her daughter from the social repercussions of teenage pregnancy, Minka's mother sends her off to a mercy house to deliver and give away all rights to the baby. In the nearly eight decades that follow, Minka never stops searching for the baby that she was forced to give up for adoption. This is a true story of trust in God's ultimate plan, written by Mika's granddaughter Cathy.

I'm only a quarter of the way through this book that came highly recommended by a trusted fellow bibliophile. While I love the plot and enjoy the writing style, I struggle to pick it up. The story has developed a lot slower than I had anticipated. So while I enjoy reading it, I hesitate to return to it once I put it down. 

Pagan Christianity- This is a fact-packed, deeply researched look at the pagan history of so many of our modern church practices and traditions. 

I started this with my husband a few months ago, but it was a bit too dry for his liking. So, we set it aside. I recently returned to it and have been draining my highlighter dry every time I pick it up. 

Super Boy- 11th Grade/Dual Enrollment

13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi- This is the true story of how 6 special security operators fought to protect the US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station when it was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2012. 

Please note: This is assigned reading for my son's college Comp 101 class. His midterm paper, a large portion of his semester grade, will be based on this memoir. Due to its graphic themes and language, I would not recommend this book for the average 16-year-old. That said, since we know our son plans to enlist in the military upon graduation and hopes to train as a Navy SEAL, my husband and I have made allowances for some more graphic military memoirs. We want our boy to know exactly what he is committing to when he enlists and want to use the next 24 months to have some hard conversations with him about the physical, emotional, and even spiritual demands of military life.  

Blonde Warrior- 9th grade

How to Repair Your Foreign Car- Our middle son has been apprenticing under the watchful care of a homeschool dad in our area who is an engineer by day but who rebuilds cars at night and on the weekends. They spent the summer tearing apart an engine and are now in the putting-back-together stage. The gentleman was kind enough to pass along this informative car-tending guide to my son.

Greased Lightning- 8th grade

The Candymakers- When four very different children are selected to compete in a national candy-making competition, they each assume Logan, the candy maker's son is a shoo-in to win. But when someone tries to steal the secret ingredient from the candy factory, fingers start pointing in everyone's direction, even his.

My middle son and I read this one last year in our tween/teen book club, so I was hoping his younger brother would enjoy it too. But, alas, he does not. It's a multipersepectivity story, meaning that the events of the book which take place over the course of three days are repeated over and over again but through the perspective of a different character each time. He's not a fan of this type of writing.

The Dude- 5th grade

Jack vs. the Tornado- Jack is more than disappointed when his family must move from their beloved farm to the suburbs of Chicago. But, when he begins to meet some of the kids in his new neighborhood and finds himself in one adventure after another, Jack learns that God had a plan all along.
This is the first in the Tree Street Kids, a new illustrated chapter series from Moody Publishers. What I love most about this entire series is that it is set in the mid-90s. While reading, my son gets to experience the life I lived in my tween and teen years through the pages of a book! Admittedly, like most trade series, these books are not of top literary value, but they are clean, fun, and an easy YES for a Christian mom to give. 

That's what we are reading in September. How about you? Whatcha reading? 


  1. Yes, I hate most Christian romances. Thank you for posting a rec for an author that writes good stuff! I'm putting her on the list.

    1. If you like a good Rom-Com, she won't disappoint.

  2. Love this reading list! We’ve read Pagan Christianity as well. Very good read. I’ll have to add Plot Twist to my list. As far as Christian romance, have you read Julie Klassen? She’s a bit of a modern Jane Austen.

    1. I have read a couple of her books, but I can't quite remember what I thought of them. I'll have to revisit. Challenge accepted!

  3. Jamie, I am so sorry to hear about your sister. Praying God's comfort over you today. Julianna

    1. Thank you so much. After battling cancer for 7 years, she's finally healed. She's home!