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The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

2012 was marked by both tragedy and triumph for our family.  Perhaps one of the biggest personal highlights came with the launching of The Unlikely Homeschool...the written chronology of this homeschooling journey that God has called us to.  

I've been so humbled to see how God has used this tiny little spot of mine to cultivate my love for the written word, my passion for education, and my commitment to encouraging other homeschool moms.  Thanks in part to you, who have followed along with the highs and lows of our academic days and my frail attempts at teaching what is GOOD not just what is good enough, The Unlikely Homeschool was awarded the title of Best New Homeschool Blog of 2012 by the Homeschool Post!  

Here's a brief look at some of what we enjoyed together!...the TOP 10 most read posts of 2012.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

Task Cards

As a modified version of workboxes, our Task Cards have been the key to an organized start to our independent learning.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Titus 2 Mothering

In an effort to equip my young daughter with the skills she will need to run a home, I have gathered a collection of excellent Titus 2 resources.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

God's Girls Club

This past summer, I hosted a club for my daughter and a few of her girlfriends to help them learn femininity and to teach them their true identity as young ladies in Christ.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

Preparing a Family Notebook

As a keeper of the home, I desire to do all I can to ensure that my household will run smoothly whether I am home or not.  By preparing a family notebook, I can help equip my family for success.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

Why Do We Homeschool

In this four-part series, I attempt to answer the age-old question "Why?"

Tot School

The years I spent teaching preschool prior to having my own children sure came in handy when I had to devise some constructive learning for my own TOT during the busy school day.  Here are 45 of my most tried-and-true suggestions.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

Curriculum 2012-2013

What homeschool mom doesn't enjoy a quick peek at someone else's bookshelf?  You're invited to take a look at what fills our homeschool day.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

Top 10 Free Educational Computer Games for Kids

It's always nice to have a fun review game in your arsenal to add some "jazz" to an otherwise AVERAGE school day.  Here are 10 games with a price tag suitable for any budget.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

New Year's Eve Countdown Bags

Although I only casually mentioned our New Year's Eve plans less than four days ago, it seems that I have struck a chord with many party planners.  If you are still searching for a fun way to ring in the new year, you've come to the right place.

The Best of the Unlikely Homeschool 2012

Great Read Alouds for Lower to Mid Elementary

I've always considered myself a bit of a literary snob.  Which books have made it past my critical eye?  Here's a list of some of my family's favorite read alouds to enjoy together.

It is with much sincerity that I wish you a wonderful end to 2012.  For all of us here at The Unlikely Homeschool, it, certainly, was a memorable year.  We are so grateful for what God accomplished IN an THROUGH us this past year and look forward to whatever He has planned for 2013!

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