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God's Girls Club: Service

Summer God's Girl's Club

This past week, Sweetie Pea and I had another opportunity to host a meeting of our summer-long God's Girl's Club, a tea-party style introduction to Proverbs 31 living for young girls. 

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If you missed our last meeting, be sure to pop on over and take a look at a girl's calling to live a life of Obedience.  As I mentioned last time, we are working our way through Lady in Waiting for Little Girls: Strengthening the Heart of Your Princess by Jackie and Dede Kendall.  This week's theme was Diligence, but after looking over the lesson, I decided to use a different focus and different craft.

Summer God's Girl's Club: Service

Character Quality:  Service

I began the evening by wearing a handful of my favorite necklaces.  We discussed how princesses are known for having beautiful jewelry.  As God's Girls...His princesses...we are known for our jewelry as well.  Proverbs 3:3-4 tells us that our love and faithfulness for others (shown through our service to them) should never leave us, but instead, be "bound around our necks" like a necklace.  Then we will "find favor and a good name in the eyes of God and people."  In our KING's eyes, our service to others is like a beautiful necklace around our neck.

I challenged the girls to find ways in the coming week to find ways to serve their family and friends.

Biblical Example:  Rebekah (Genesis 24: 1-27)

Rebekah's willingness to draw water for the servant's 10 camels revealed her exceptional character. She found favor with the servant (people) and ultimately favor with God, who set her apart to be the grandmother of the nation of Israel.

Summer God's Girl's Club: Service

Tea Party Snack:  giant sugar cookies

Table Manners/Hospitality Skills: 
  • Review last week's manners.
  • To serve/pass a plate to others at the table, hold the plate for the person next to you.  Allow your neighbor to take his/her portion, then give him/her the plate to hold for the next person.  When the plate goes all the way around the table and back to you, take your portion.
  • Your napkin is like a "secret code" for the table hostess.  When you are ready to eat, unfold it and place it in your lap.  If you need to be excused from the table for a short while, lay your napkin in your chair.  When you are finished with your meal, place it over your plate.  (We practiced all of these with pretend scenarios.)

Summer God's Girl's Club: Service

Handcraft: Friendship Bracelets

I found a great Instructables video tutorial for making simple friendship bracelets using a simple cardboard loom. The girls were reminded that this kind of "jewelry" is made to be shared with someone else. I challenged each of them to make a bracelet for a particular girl friend. This small act of service could be a huge encouragement to its receiver.

Summer God's Girl's Club: Service

To make a friendship bracelet, you will need:
  • A cardboard loom (see instructions below)
  • 7 pieces of embroidery floss the length of your daughter's arm from shoulder to palm

Summer God's Girl's Club: Service

To make a cardboard loom:
  • Using a lightweight cardboard, trace around the bottom of a drinking glass.
  • Cut out your traced circle.
  • Poke a pencil through the center of the circle to make a hole.  Remove the pencil.  
  • Cut 8 short slits at equal intervals around the outside edge of the circular piece.

Summer God's Girl's Club: Service

Summer God's Girl's Club: Service

Thanks for joining our club this week!  I hope you will join us again as we look at a few more virtues of a Proverbs 31 girl.

If you missed any of our fun...


  1. Love your post, concept, and imagination to teach what is needed but in a fun way. I teach girls club in a small mountain community, so our numbers and ages vary week to week. I'll be right here with you as you stimulate my imagination to challege the girls to love to learn and have fun doing it! I feel that is the key to life long service to Christ our King. Enjoyment. Lonnie

    1. We certainly have fun, that's for sure. It's been a treat for the girl's who have a lot of brothers to be able to have a whole night devoted to pink!