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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God's Girls Club: Devotion

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Glad you've joined me for the very last meeting of our Summertime God's Girls Club, a mother/daughter group that seeks to find joy in femininity and impart a love of homemaking to the next generation of Proverbs 31 girls.

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Throughout the summer, we have enjoyed working our way through Lady in Waiting for Little Girls: Strengthening the Heart of Your Princess by Jackie and Dede Kendall. 

The Unlikely Homeschool

Table Manners/Hospitality Skills:
  • Review all manners and skills learned throughout the summer.
Tea Party Snack: vanilla ice cream topped with honey

The Unlikely Homeschool

Character Quality: Devotion

Just as we desire to spend time with our earthly fathers and make them a high priority in our lives, we should strive for complete devotion to our heavenly Father.  He desires to build an eternal relationship with us and has left us with a life-long conversation...His Word.  With a brief look at Psalm 119:103, we learned that God's word is sweeter than honey.  Its loveliness should compel us to read often and draw us nearer to Him.

Biblical Example:  Mary (Luke 10:38-42)

When given the opportunity, Mary placed high value on spending time with Christ...hearing from Him...learning from Him...devoting her full attention to Him. She knew that spending time with Jesus was the best way to spend her time. Hearing Him speak was like honey...honey to her mouth. Her devotion to Christ was clear to everyone present that day. We, as God's Girls should strive for the same devotion and seek to read His Word in an effort to "sit at His feet" as Mary did.

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club


a simple, one-handled bookbag, part 3

At our last meeting, the girls cut and sewed the bag portion of the book bag.  At this week's meeting, we completed the entire bag by sewing the strap together.

To make the strap portion of the book bag: 

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Lay right sides of the strap fabric together and pin in place.

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Sew both "long" sides with a 1/4 seam.  Leave the two "short" sides unsewn.

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Reach your fingers inside one of the small unsewn ends and pull the fabric "right-side-out."

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Tuck the unsewn ends in to the strap about 1/4 inch.  Iron the entire strap.

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Sew a 1/8 inch topstitch all the way around the strap being sure to enclose the two small unsewn ends.  

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Use a measuring tape to find the exact middle of the strap (or just fold in half lengthwise).  Pin each end of the strap to the sides (seam) of the bag portion about 1 1/2 inches down from the top of the bag. 

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Sew a 1 inch box to attach each side of the strap to each side of the bag.

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Here are the girls and their completed bags.  Sweetie Pea made her book bag for her brother, Super Boy, who did not have a library bag.  She was sooooo excited to come home and finally reveal the secret gift that she had been working on for about three weeks.  

The Unlikely Homeschool:  God's Girls Club

Thank you so much for joining us this Summer for our God's Girls Club!  May God bless you as you seek to train the next generation in Proverbs 31 living.

If you missed any of our fun...

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  1. You did a good job with making those bags. Turning tubes is one of my least favorite sewing things.



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