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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

God's Girls Club: Inner Beauty

Biblical training for girls

A big welcome to all the mothers of young girls!  Glad you are joining us for another meeting of our Summertime God's Girls Club, a mother/daughter group that seeks to find joy in femininity and impart a love of homemaking to the next generation of Proverbs 31 girls.

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Throughout the summer, we have been working our way through Lady in Waiting for Little Girls: Strengthening the Heart of Your Princess by Jackie and Dede Kendall. 

The Unlikely Homeschool

Table Manners/Hospitality Skills: 
  • Review last week's skills.
  • Learn to set/practice a basic table setting.
  • When spooning a portion of butter, jam, or spread to be used on breads/toasts, take your portion and place on your plate.  DO NOT use the communal knife or spoon to spread the jam onto your piece of bread.
  • With your own knife, spread only enough jam/jelly onto your bread for one bite.  Once you take your bite, spread another bite's worth onto your bread.
  • If a dish/food item is out of your reach, ask the person who is closest to the item to pass it to you. He/she should then pass it to the person next to him/her until it finally reaches you.

The Unlikely Homeschool

Tea Party Snack: Toasted English Muffins and an assortment of jams and jellies (Admittedly, this is an odd "snack" for a tea party, but I wanted to practice serving "spreads" from a communal bowl.)

The Unlikely Homeschool

Character Quality: 

Inner Beauty/Virtue

We began our lesson portion of the evening by putting on some shiny lip gloss. The girls learned that lips that look pretty on the outside but are spouting unkind words, lies, or gossip are NOT pretty. Similarly, one of God's Girls can wear the prettiest dress, have the fanciest shoes, and a fashionable hairstyle but appear very ugly. According to 1 Peter 3:3, true beauty comes from a gentle and quiet spirit.

The Unlikely Homeschool

Biblical Example:  Esther (Esther 2:12-17)

Although there was an entire harem of beautiful girls at the king's disposal, Esther stood apart and won her place as Queen.  What set her apart?  Was it her outward beauty?  Probably not, as there were dozens of beauties to choose from.  Just as her personality had "won the favor of everyone who saw her", it also won over the favor of the king.  Esther was deemed more beautiful because she was beautiful on the inside AND outside.  

The Unlikely Homeschool


a simple, one-handled bookbag, part 2

At our last meeting, the girls cut the pattern and fabric of a simple book bag.  At this week's meeting, we focused on sewing the bag portion together.

To make the bag portion of the book bag: 

The Unlikely Homeschool

Remove the pins from the pattern/fabric and set the pattern aside.

The Unlikely Homeschool

Sew a 1/4 inch "stay stitch" around the entire piece of fabric.  (Since we are focusing on the PROCESS of sewing and not the PRODUCT, we will not be lining this bag.  We sewed a "stay stitch" around the entire fabric to help prevent fraying.)

The Unlikely Homeschool

Fold the bag fabric in half with right sides together.  Pin the long sides in place and sew together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  (Make sure to sew on the "inside" of the stay stitch otherwise you will be able to see the stay stitch on the outside of the bag.)

The Unlikely Homeschool

Measure 1/4 inch down from the top of the bag opening.  Fold and press.  Measure an additional 1 1/2 inches.  Fold and press.  This will create a "finished" looking opening.   

The Unlikely Homeschool

Pin the folded portion in place.

The Unlikely Homeschool

With the foot directly against the inside fold, sew the "finished" opening.

The Unlikely Homeschool

Invert the fabric and press flat.

The Unlikely Homeschool

Finish the bag portion by sewing a 1/4 inch top stitch all the way around the opening. 

Please join us next time for our FINAL God's Girls Club meeting.  We will be focusing on DEVOTION and sewing and attaching the handle of our bags. 

If you missed any of our fun...


  1. What a great club! My daughter just attended a three day (well, morning) "Lost Arts Camp" where she was able to learn (along with 5 other little girls) a bunch of different sewing stitches (and made some little projects) as well as some sewing facts and information. She loved it!

    1. I bet she did! I remember going to a summer long sewing class when I was about 10 or so. I loved it!

  2. I just love your blog!!!

    I'm a mother of two little girls and am considering homeschooling but have not decided yet! My girls are 4 and 2 now so I have one more school year to decide :)

    I was also a teacher in my "former life" (read your about page), and see it as a definite advantage if we do decide to home school. Seeing posts like this warm my heart and get me excited about the things the girls could learn over the years.

    I'm following you now so that I can keep up with all of your great ideas.

    SO glad I found you through the Kids Co-op today!!

    Amy @ Creative Kid Snacks

    1. Welcome, Amy. I'm so glad you're here. The "schooling" decision is a difficult one. One which requires much prayer and conversation between spouses.

  3. My daughter is enjoying learning to sew now too. It's been a fun process

    Side note, LOVE to see people using proper terms, drives me nuts when people use the wrong terms for sewing.

  4. This is SUCH a neat idea! I would love for my daughter to have a group like this as she gets older.



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