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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2013-2014

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2013-2014 from The Unlikely Homeschool

It's hard to believe that my girl is going to be starting 5th grade this year!  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was holding a little pink bundle in the hospital?  But alas, at nine years old, half of her childhood is officially behind.  Instead of focusing my thoughts on all that is past, I'm going to force myself to daydream about all that is yet to come...for her...for us!  

I'm certain that this coming school year will be memorable as I've schemed up a few new adventures (highlighted in pink) just for her.  In addition to what she will be learning alongside her brothers during our group lessons of Bible, history, science, art, etc. my Sweetie Pea will also be exploring...

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Personal Devotions

Because of our gifts of Myrrh every Christmas, we don't generally change our devotional books until after the new year, so she will continue on with a rotation of her 2013 devotional resources which included: (7x a week)

(Just between me and you, I plan on getting her God Has Big Plans For You, Esther this Christmas because she absolutely loves the book of Esther and I absolutely love Kay Arthur's kid's studies. She will begin this in January 2014 and continue on with it for the remainder of the school year.)


  • BJU English 5 (4x a week)
  • finish All About Spelling 3 and move on to All About Spelling 4 (4x a week) - Although she does exceptionally well at ALL OTHER language-oriented skills, my daughter has always struggled with spelling.  Since switching to All About Spelling last year, her confidence and skill level have both improved immensely.  (Here is my "2 cents" on the program.)
  • continue adding her English 5 writing assignments to her writing portfolio notebook (once every few weeks)
  • continue writing to her penpal that she has had for the past five years (1x a month)
  • read for pleasure (every day)
  • read a handful of classics, biographies, and exceptional fiction chapter books that I will assign to her throughout the year (4x a week)


Life Skills

Extra Curriculars

So that's what she'll be up to this coming school year?  I'm looking forward to seeing her continue to develop into a wonderful young lady who loves the Lord and loves to learn!


  1. I remember you using Abeka for some things...did you use Abeka for math in her earlier grades? And if so, when/why did you switch to TT? I know many make the switch to TT around 6th grade, but I started getting irritated with Abeka's math this past year (4th grade)...poor (or no) explanations of concepts, etc. I went ahead and bought 5th grade, but am anxious that the same problems will arise this year as well. I'm just curious when & why you switched, if you did use Abeka for math before.

    1. Yes, I have used ABeka for math from K-4th. I like it for introducing a strong foundation of facts. But my daughter is of an age now where she can read something, grasp it, and apply it. She no longer needs me to "teach" her every jot and tittle of a math lesson. I will, obviously, still be on hand to assist when needed. I wanted to find a curriculum that still fits with my cyclical review method (as opposed to the mastery approach) but is more independent/student led and TT seemed to be the best of all that was out there. I'm not sure if TT will be the perfect fit as I have read MAAAAAAANY mixed reviews, but I'm going to have her stick with it for the year and reevaluate at the end of the year.

      In addition, since I will now have 4 in school, I need to begin relinquishing some of my time with her to her younger brothers, so something has to give. Since she has had such a solid foundation in math, I think that is the perfect subject to let her explore independently. If that makes sense???

    2. Thank you! It makes great sense. I agree Abeka is so good at introducing a strong foundation of facts. My oldest has used it since the beginning, and I've loved the (VERY!) strong foundation it's given him, and I'm using it with his younger brother from the beginning, also.

      I've also read the very mixed reviews on TT. but am pretty certain we'll be trying it next year, for the same reasons you're trying it this year. I'm going to be very interested to see how it works for you & your daughter (hint, hint- keep us updated?). :-)

  2. Did you purchase the CD's as well or just the books for the Math? I am starting my kids homeschooling this year and I notices you like to pick different subjects from different places, what do you suggest for a first timer for 5th and 3rd graders?

    1. Yes, I did order the CDs. She already has a few subjects she does on the computer and really likes it, but the book will be handy to have for taking math on the road if need be. As far as first time curriculum, I have a post that might give a bit more insight. But in addition, I'd also encourage you to not be afraid to order an all-in-one set. It's a great place to start for your first year and will help free up your time so that you can have time to enjoy the year.


  3. Thank you for this post! We just recently removed our kiddos from PS, and are in our very first week of homeschooling. We have a 5th, 1st grader and an 18 month old. :) I like to see what other girls my daughters age are doing so I can get a "feel" for things we might want to try with her as well. :) Seeing your post, I feel a little more confident about our choices. Yay!

    1. I love to see/hear what others are using too. I hope you have a wonderful first year together!!!

  4. Interesting to see your 5th grader doing foreign language 2x a week. I just purchased a Rosetta product and hadn't yet decided the appropriate amount of days per week to have my 5th grader work with it. Is that what Rosetta recommends or is that what you've found works best for you? Thanks!

    1. Nope. There's no method to my madness. 2x a week is all we currently have time for.

    2. Sounds good :) Thanks for your response!

    3. Laura, I thought I'd let you know that your question made me revisit last year's plan and it seems like we did Rosetta Stone 3x a week. So, I have scheduled it for Mon., Wed., and Fri. for THIS year. We have co-op every other Mon. so that means she will only do Chinese on the opposite Mondays. But, I think it is a good idea to get it in when we can...every little bit helps

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I was wondering if you would give me a quick review/comparison of some of the language arts curriculums you have used for 4th-5th grade? I am interested in Abeka, BJU and Christian light. I am looking for something that doesn't require me to use the teachers manual in order to be able to teach the lesson. I also don't like having to use a million different books for one lesson! I used Calvert last year and it was so hard to navigate through, and I spent so much time prepping it was exhausting!! I know I need to prep some, and I am ok with that but I don't want to feel like its overwhelming my life!! lol. thanks so much!!! I love your blog and all your videos. I have only been homeschooling since march, and I have a 5th grader, 3rd grader, preschooler and 2 year old. its a lot to take on at once.. and I don't want to feel completely overwhelmed!

    1. I have never used Christian Light, but I can say that both ABeka and BJU can be used without the manuals if you don't mind grading all the work off the top of your head. That's pretty easy in the younger grades, but it gets tricky in the older ones. Both ABeka and BJU have an explanation box at the top of each page of the student text to explain the concept. So, a child is an independent learner, he/she can do it alone.



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