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7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2021-2022

7th grade homeschool books

My nature-loving son has spent most of his summer in the woods next to our house, wading around in the stream, using his metal detector to find treasures, and bottle hunting for antique glassware that's been buried there for over a hundred years. 

The woods are always a steady source for him to learn through play. It's inspired him to make catch-and-release traps in order to study the many species of squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits that live near the stream, has provided him with clay that he's used to mold into earthen pots, and has given him dozens upon dozens of metal scraps with which to forge into new creations.

As I've mentioned before, he's an autodidactic learner who currently has a special fondness for milk glass, sharks, and ancient weapons. I've no doubt he'll continue to explore these and other subjects this year. 

Here's what he'll be learning. Since we only homeschool 4-days a week, you can assume that each of these subjects will only be covered four times each week unless otherwise indicated.

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7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2021-2022 #homeschool #homeschoolcurriculum

Content-rich Subjects

As always, he'll do all of his content-rich subjects like Morning time/Bible, history, science, art, and creative writing with his older siblings. You can see those curriculum choices here>>>

Personal Devotions- every day


  • LLATL Green Book (Use coupon code unlikelyhomeschool at checkout to get 15% off your entire purchase from Common Sense Press, the makers of LAHTL.)
  • Finish All About Spelling level 5.
  • Read for pleasure. (every day)
  • Read the following books that correspond with the LLATL Green Book: The Star of Light and The Mysterious Benedict Society.
  • If he's not currently working through an LLATL suggested book, he will read a chapter from a book that I assign to him. These will be classics, biographies, or exceptional fiction.



World View

  • Created for Work- (1x a week) Once a week, instead of reading his normal mom-assigned book to himself, he'll read a chapter from this book that encourages boys to be industrious. He started this title last year and only has a few more chapters left to finish.

    Life Skills

    • Clean his room and make his bed each day.
    • Daily chores: sweep the library, empty the dishwasher with his younger brother, wipe down the surfaces in the upstairs bathroom
    • Weekly Chores for his child-of-the-day privileges and responsibilities: help make lunch/dinner and do two loads of laundry (Thursdays), rotate with his brothers to mow the lawn and/or shovel the snow as needed
    • Monthly Chores: dust the main floor with his brothers, mop the library, plus randomly select and complete two chores from our chore jar one Saturday each month

    Co-operative Learning

    Twice a month, he'll attend our homeschool co-op and participate in two enrichment classes each semester for a total of four for the 2021-2022 school year. In addition, he'll be able to join in on several field trips offered by the group.

    Over the years, I've learned that autodidacts learn best with empty schedules and designated working areas. When my son's day contains pockets of white space, he has the freedom to explore, do, and create. A couple of years ago, I set up an extra table in the dining room. This has become his studio. It's currently covered with all manner of paint and mud streaks. I've no doubt it will get plenty more use in the coming months. 

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