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What We're Reading in December 2016

What We're Reading in December 2016

Our Christmas countdown books are nestled under the tree; twenty-four library books purposefully chosen and wrapped in five different paper patterns. We've set aside all other picture books in our library basket and have focused our attention to stories of the newborn King and the season that celebrates His first coming. 

What We're Reading in December 2016

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In addition to some new and old favorite picture books, and some Christmas-themed poetry during morning time, we're also getting plenty of time to read non-Christmas themed books. Here's what we're reading this month. 

Read aloud- everybody

101 Dalmatians- We only have two more chapters in this original Dodie Smith classic and will be sad to turn the final page. We've enjoyed this book so much that it is sure to make our list of Top 10 books of the year. While it is very similar to the Disney animation, the book provides the extended story of the puppy heist including the addition of a few extra key characters. 

Ember Falls- In a few days, we will be starting Book 2 in the Green Ember Trilogy and my kids can't wait! They absolutely adored the original, The Green Ember, when we read it last year and have been waiting rather impatiently for Book 2 to arrive on our doorstep. It finally came. Today. And we'll be cracking it open by the end of the week.

Jamie- that's me

Women Living Well- I've been a long-time reader of Women Living Well.org and have participated in a few Good Morning Girls Bible Studies over the years. So, I knew I'd eventually get around to reading Courtney Joseph's book. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the writing style and have read countless other books on Biblical womanhood that I like better. But, the meat of the book has been an encouraging reminder to live my life as wife, mother, and child of God well. 

Sweetie Pea- 8th grade

A Long Walk to Water- (Mom-assigned book) I read this New York Times bestseller a few weeks ago and knew that my daughter just had to read it...and my son too! Based on the true story of a Sudanese refugee in the late 1980s, this book will build empathy, compassion, and diversity into just about anyone. My daughter is just finishing it up today. I can't wait to unpack the very heartwarming ending with her. 

Calico Captive- (Just-for-fun book) Based on a real life diary published in 1807, this book details the difficult struggles of one 18th century New Hampshire woman. I've not personally read this one, but as it came highly recommended by a friend I trust and was written by the extraordinary author of The Bronze Bow, I'm assuming it's a more than acceptable read for young teens and tweens. 

Super Boy- 5th grade

United States Marine Guidebook of Essential Subjects- My son has been enamored with all-thing-military since he was three-years-old. So naturally, a marine handbook makes the perfect reading "assignment" for him. No nagging required. 

I Survived the San Fransisco Earthquake, 1906- We're currently working our way through a mini-earthquake unit in science and have read a few interesting facts about the devastating disaster which killed over 3,000 people one early spring morning in 1906. In a true moment of delight-directed learning, my son asked if I could request this book for him from the library. So far, it's not his favorite of the I Survived series, but he's enjoying it well enough.

Blonde Warrior- 4th grade

The Mouse and the Motorcycle- (Mom-assigned book) As the third born in the family, my son doesn't remember many of the books that I read aloud to my kids when my oldest two were just starting school. He was only a toddler, after all. So for the past two years, I've been rebooting a few of those old titles for him to read out loud to me. That way, he can still experience all the same books that his older siblings once enjoyed and can build a shared memory of stories over time. 

The Case of the Kidnapped Candy- (Just-for-fun book)

Greased Lightning- 2nd grade

Animals Do the Strangest Things- (Mom-assigned book) This is one of three books in a series of animal-themed Step-Up books. It details the strange characteristics of nineteen different animals. My little naturalist has already read the other two books in the series and has been enjoying the first few pages of this one. 

Silver- (Just-for-fun book) My husband has been teaching a wolf unit to the kids in the evening in preparation for a trip we will be taking at the end of the month. So, my son wanted to re-read this book I bought for him last year that tells the story of the young wanna-be Iditarod sled-dog racer and her husky pup. 

The Dude- preschool

Baby Wolf- The Hubs has been spending some one-on-one time reading this book to our youngest. It's been the perfect book to prepare a four-year-old for our up-coming wolf trip. 

So, those are our December titles. How about you? What will you be reading this month? 

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