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20 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make


That's how many people have invested in my children this year. In church. In clubs. In sports.
Thirty-six people have poured into my kids week-in and week-out all year long. And I'm grateful.

It would be really easy...albeit economically challenging...for me to just pick up thirty-six gift cards or holiday gift boxes this Christmas to thank them all. But the truth is, I want my children to contribute to the gift out of their own gratefulness. I want them to acknowledge the very large sacrifice that each of these 36 men and women have given all year.

And so, while buying small store-bought gifts would be easy, I prefer gifts that are slow. That are homemade. That are gifted by my children. I'm willing to buy the supplies and provide the inspiration, but I encourage my kids to contribute the elbow grease.

I've gathered a list of 20 gifts that kids of all ages can make and gift in gratitude to any and all who have served them this year. I hold this list out so that you too can nurture grateful kids this Christmas season.

Bathtime Sugar Scrub- from the Nourished Life

Scented Bath Bombs- from Red Ted Art

Tie-dyed Book Marks- from Happy Hooligans

Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks

Beaded Napkin Rings- from Buggy and Buddy

Hand-painted Tile Coasters- from MerrimentDesigns

Stamped Napkin Sets- from Parents

Edible Snowman Buttons

Glass Marble Magnets- from Makoodle

Rudolph Hot Chocolate Kits- from Cindy Shopper

No Sew T-Shirt Bag- from Mommypotamus

Bags of Chocolate Thumbprints

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix- from Fireflies + Mudpies

A Jar of Homemade Taco Seasoning- from Allrecipes

A Jar of Homemade Steak Seasoning- from Simply Shellie

Stovetop Potpourri

Tic-tac-toe Sets- from Balancing Home

Cereal Box Notepads- from Instantly Creative

Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips- from Creative Green Living

Sharpie Decorated Mugs- from Good and Messy

Need more Christmas Inspiration? 
Be sure to check out my Christmas Pinterest Board.

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  1. I just posted yesterday on my blog an idea for handmade glass ornaments using nailpolish. It gives a gorgeous marbling effect and is so easy the youngest children can do it well. You can see it here if you are interested:


    We have so many people that my children want to give gifts to that it can be overwhelming at times when my children need help with their handmade gifts when I really need time to work on MY handmade gifts! ;-) But, I wouldn't squelch that creative and generous drive for anything...so I end up with a few all nighters myself. :-)