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What We're Reading in December 2015

What We're Reading in December 2015-books for everyone from momma to tweens to tots.

The month of December shifts our days into Christmas-schooling mode. Christmas journals, Advent readings, living literature books of Christmases past, festive read alouds, and even a change in focus in personal devotions all help to make this a meaningful time in our school, not just our home. 

One thing that doesn't change, however, is our dedication to good books. Last month found us veering from our chosen books a bit here and there, so some of the following books are carry overs from our November reading.

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Here's what we'll be enjoying during our upcoming days of Christmas schooling.

Read Aloud- for the four oldest kids

Treasures in the Snow- This was a much-loved classic from my childhood. Sadly, after I outgrew the story, I lost track of it and eventually forgot the title and author. Years later as an adult, I wanted to introduce it to my own children but could only remember bits of the plot and that the word "snow" appeared in the title. For about two or three years, I searched bookstores and google for any hint that would jog my memory. One day after reading one of these monthly "What We're Reading" posts, a blog reader just happened to mention that she and her family were reading a book called Treasures of the Snow. Sweet memories flood my mind and tears welled up in my eyes. THIS was the very book I had been searching for. Since the plot of the story begins on Christmas Eve, I set it aside to read in December.

And now, I finally get to share it with my family! (cue the sappy violin music swelling to a crescendo)

Read aloud- for the two youngest kids

The Bears of Hemlock Mountain- This is one of my favorite early chapter books that I've enjoyed sharing with all of my kids.

Jamie- that's me!

Honey for a Woman's Heart- This is a momma version of one of my favorite "reading as a family culture" books. It's been on my TO READ shelf on GoodReads for a long time and I'm finally taking it off. 

Sweetie Pea- 7th grade

The Hobbit- My daughter is continuing to meander through her MUST READ Middle School book list. Since she's a giant fantasy fan, she can't get enough of this book and continues to tell us all about it. (I'm trying my best to seem interested. I reeeeeeaaaallly don't like the fantasy genre. But, I reeeeeeaaaallly love my girl, so I'm all ears.)

Super Boy- 4th grade

Run for Your Life- (Mom-assigned book) This book continues to go back and forth between the lives of a Jewish family and a German family during World War II. The families eventually meet and their story lines merge, but the plot in the first half of the book was difficult for my son to keep straight.

Great Escapes of World War II- (Just-for-fun book) To say that my oldest son has a passion for all-things-WWI, is a bit of an understatement.

Blonde Warrior- 3rd grade

Brave the Wild Trail- (Mom-assigned book) My middle son's almost done with this wild west story and I'm not sure where his reading journey will take him next. 

Catwings- (Just-for-fun book) He desperately wants a cat, but since they are everyone else's LEAST favorite animal, he's conceded to reading about them...both in fiction and non-fiction books.

Greased Lightning- 1st grade

Now I Can Read Favorite Bible Stories- (Mom-assigned book) His phonetically-written Bible fell apart. So, he'll soon have to transition to THIS more difficult one for his daily devotions. I just want to make sure he can read it all out loud to me first. 

Aaron Has a Lazy Day- (Just-for-fun book) He's reading through a few of the books in the silly "Aaron" series.

That's what our reading looks like for the month of December. How about yours?

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