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15+ Christmas Art Projects for Kids

15+ Christmas Art Projects for Kids-This is a craft free list. You'll only find fine art type tutorials here.

There's no shortage of coffee filter angel ornaments and painted handprint wreaths around here at Christmas time. Over the years, we've definitely done our share of holiday kid's crafts. But, when it comes to Christmas Schooling...incorporating real learning to the peace of Advent...I prefer to focus on art. I prefer to let my children enjoy the unrushed process instead of forcing an end product. 

I put on our favorite Christmas music, spread the table with chalk pastels and paint, and stand back as my children create memories and masterpieces. Granted a crayon wax resist of the Virgin Mary does not hang as pretty on a tree as a salt dough star, but it sure looks nice on the mantel. 

Here are a few FREE art tutorials from around the web to help furnish your home...and perhaps your heart.

Christmas Trees

1. Colorful Christmas Trees by Kids Artists
2. Abstract Winter Trees by Art Projects for Kids
3. Concentric Circles Tree by Handmade Kids Art
4. Glowing Christmas Tree by Hodge Podge
5. Oil Pastel Christmas Tree in a Snowstorm by Kathy's AngelNik Designs
6. Oh, Christmas Tree by Kids & Glitter
7. How to Draw a Christmas Tree by Art for Kids Hub

Christmas Trimmings

  8. Fingerprint Christmas Lights by Crafty Morning
  9. Christmas Light Chalk Stencil by Buggy and Buddy
10. Shiny Bright Christmas Ornaments by Color It Like You MEAN It!
11. How to Draw a Christmas Wreath by Hodge Podge

The Nativity

12. Starry Night in Bethlehem by Kids & Glitter
13. Stained Glass Nativity by Little Wonders' Day
14. Christmas Star Chalk Pastel by Hodge Podge
15. Nativity Silhouette by The Artist Woman
16. Pastel Resist Madonna by The Artist Woman
17. How to Draw a Cartoon Christmas Angel by Zooshii Draw

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  1. Jamie, these are beautiful! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! I have been looking for projects like these, that older children can enjoy and complete. How lovely they will look decorating our home, and I love the sweet memories we'll create. :)

    1. Have a great time doing art together in these final days before Christmas!

  2. What a beautiful collection! Thanks for including Hodgepodge and Merry Christmas :)

    1. You're welcome. We always love your chalk pastel projects and are happy to share them with others!