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What We're Reading in August 2015

What We're Reading in August 2015 {The Unlikely Homeschool}

Summer is fleeting-slipping quickly through my hands. I can't seem to hold onto it. All too soon the sun will fade, the frost will come and with it the dreaded winter hibernation. I'll be trapped. Inside. With no escape. Like a cornered squirrel, I'll grow crazed and irrational. 

I'm actually starting to shiver just thinkin' about it. 

But, I shan't think about that right now.
Instead, I'll think about sun and warmth and lazy days filled with good books. 
That's what I'll set my mind towards. 
Summer sun and good books. 
No shivers. No hibernation.
Just books.

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Here's what we're currently enjoying.

Read Aloud- Everybody!

The Green Ember- This Narnia-esque gem has been on our TO READ shelf of our Goodreads account for quite some time. We asked our local library to purchase it, and they finally did! 

Jamie- that's me!

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens- While I don't purchase many books for myself as the library has at least one copy of everything I could ever want to read, this book is a rare exception. I am slowly working my way through a borrowed copy, but will definitely be buying it really soon. Be warned, it is not the type of book you can read cover-to-cover in a day. It's jam-packed with so much great information, all of which has to be gradually digested and pondered. 

Sweetie Pea- 7th grade

Sounder- (Mom-assigned book) This is just one of fifty books I have added to a "Middle School Must Reads" shelf in Goodreads. (I'll share more about that list in the coming days.) She's nearly finished with it and will be moving on to...

North! Or Be Eaten- This is the second in a really funny fantasy series by Christian contemporary singer, Andrew Peterson. She bolted through the first book and has just been itchin' to dive into the second. 

Super Boy- 4th grade

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Classic Starts)- (Mom-assigned book) He's only got two more chapters in the book he started last month, and then he'll begin...

Out of Darkness- This is a lovely biography of Louis Braille, the 19th century blind man who created the Braille language. 

Spies at Work- (Just-for-fun book)

Blonde Warrior- 3rd grade

The Adventures of Peter Cottontail- At the beginning of the month, he wrapped up reading this timeless classic. It's just one in a boxed set of Thornton Burgess animal stories. After he finished this one, he started reading...

Pedro's Journal- (Mom-assigned book) This is the fictional diary of a ship boy during Columbus' 1492 voyage to the New World.

Nate the Great Talks Turkey- (Just-for-fun book)

Greased Lightning- 1st grade

Let's Read Together Series- He is slowly working his way through this series of graduated readers. Each book is about a different animal.

What's on your book shelf this month?


  1. Are the kid's books from your home library or do you just check them out? I didn't know if you've ever talked about a home library or not. I assumed you had one because of your love for books! :-)

    1. Yes. We do have a home library. Two of the books on our list came from our own collection. The rest are from the public library.

  2. We love your reading lists! They are so helpful! We have a house full of readers as well, and I struggle with knowing if a book is appropriate for both age and our moral standards. How do you find the time to preview all of the books? I go off reliable books lists (like yours, or "Read for the Heart" by Sarah Clarkson) but there are those times my 9 year old finds a book at the library and I know nothing about it. How do you approach those 'unknown' books?

    1. That is definitely an issue around here too. For the most part, if my kids come upon books that I am unfamiliar with, I tell them it's a "no." There are far too many great books/authors that I do know about and can give my stamp of approval on to settle for junk. The copyright year is also quite helpful. I am more prone to giving a yes if the book was written before 1960. We also have lots of conversations about what makes a good book. I want to help my children become discerning readers. There have been times that I have said "yes" to a book and my kids have come back to me mid-book and have said that they don't think it's an appropriate book after all. And isn't that what we want? Personal discernment?

      Navigating the library is tough. The best advice I can give is to really teach your kids to filter everything through Phil. 4:8.

  3. Just wondering what your 4th grader thinks of the Classic Starts Sherlock Holmes book. We have read several of the series ourselves, but I have read mixed reviews on the Sherlock Holmes book. Some saying it is written in a way that is difficult for a young reader to understand. We've read Peter Pan, Anne of Green Gables and the Secret Garden from the series and LOVE them. Its early in the month, so I'm not sure if your son has started it or not, but your/his thoughts would be awesome. Thanks! Love your blog...love your tips...love your inspiring words :)

    1. To be honest, in hindsight, I would have passed up this book. There have been a couple of chapters that are just too confusing for his age. Some are captivating. But, some are not.