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1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum {The Unlikely Homeschool}

All summer, my son has been announcing to anyone and everyone that he is now in first grade. It's kind of a big deal, apparently. Most of his conversations have ended with his hands on his hips and his voice belting out strong declarations of, "It's true. I should know, 'cuz I'm in FIRST GRADE!" 

I'm not exactly sure what has propelled this much enthusiasm for entering grade one, but no matter the cause, I'll take it! Now, if he could just spread a little of that passion into chore time, we'll have the makings of a near perfect school year. But, I digress...

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He's what my boy will be up to this year...
(All subjects will be completed four times a week unless otherwise indicated.)

Content-rich Subjects

He will join his siblings for some group learning in content-rich subjects like Bible, science, history, and even art. You can find all of those curriculum selections here>>>

Personal Devotions

  • The Hear Me Read Bible-This continues to be my favorite learning-to-read Bible for emergent readers. (every day)




Critical Thinking/Life Skills

As always, my son's enthusiasm for school, for play, for life is contagious. It will no doubt be a year of energy and did I mention energy?! We don't call him Greased Lightning for nothin'!


  1. Question regarding 1st grade curriculum. Was your son reading before he started Abeka Phonics 1 and Abeka Language 1? OR did these books guide in teaching him to read?

    1. He was reading one/two vowel words and basic emergent readers. ABeka Phonics 1 is the year of the program when they learn all their sounds. Phonics 2 is when they master fluency and all the other elements of reading.