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4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum {The Unlikely Homeschool}

I've always loved 4th grade. It kinda stands as a launching pad in my mind...the grade where children begin to learn with great independence. Their much-improved reading ability runs parallel with their curiosity and natural passions providing a wide-open-door to learn anything and everything! 

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Here's what my fourth grader will be embracing this year. 
(All subjects will be completed four times a week unless otherwise indicated.)

Content-rich Subjects

Subjects that do not necessarily have to be learned in a graduated way or in any particular order will be done together with the rest of his siblings. These include things such as Bible, history, science, and art. You can find all of those group subjects here>>>

Personal Devotions

For the past couple of years, he has really enjoyed reading a section from The Action Bible each morning. In addition, he will also read a short excerpt from Jesus Calling for Kids


  • BJU English 4
  • All About Spelling Level 4
  • Continue to add the final drafts of his BJU English writing assignments to his writer's notebook. (every few weeks)
  • Continue writing to his penpal that he has had for the last four years. (1x a month)
  • Reading Horizons- for continued phonics/reading practice 
  • Read for pleasure. (every day)
  • Read a Mom-assigned book that I assign to him each month. (classics, biographies, exceptional fiction)



My son has absolutely beautiful handwriting (when he wants to) and does not really need more formation practice. So this year, he will use his "handwriting" practice time as an extension of spelling, grammar/mechanics, and character development by doing a short passage of copy work each day. I have gathered some verses, famous quotations, poems, and narrative excerpts from famous works. He will be assigned to one each week and will copy and recopy it in a notebook all week long, for a total of four times. 

Critical Thinking

Life Skills

  • He will continue his child-of-the-day privileges and responsibilities. 
  • Boyhood and Beyond- This is one of four books written specifically for boys and young men. Although I have not read through the other three titles to give them a glowing review, I have appreciated how THIS book does NOT have any of the crass humor and public school scenarios that riddle so many other character training books for boys. He will read one chapter each week aloud to me in replace of his normal reading time. (1x a week)

Extra Curriculars

He has never had such a rigorous year, but I know he's up for the challenge!


  1. Hi Jamie!
    I wrote on Facebook but I cannot find the thread again. I'm wondering if you have used Teaching Textbooks before? How does it compare to Saxon and ABeka? Thank you!

    1. Sorry I missed that question on FB.
      Here is a review comparing Teaching Textbooks and ABeka. I have not used Saxon, but have read many reviews saying that while it provides a lot of the basic facts, it greatly lacks in the application area.

    2. No problem, thank you! I love your blog;)

  2. Has your son enjoyed Help Your Kids with Computer Coding? I am looking into adding that to my son's curriculum.

    1. He has. The online program that you log into with the book is very intuitive and easy to use.

    2. Thank you,
      Is the online program free?
      Sorry my name is Tiffany, my husband and I share an email.

    3. Yep. You have to register with an email and password, but it's free.