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Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2014-2015

Third Grade Curriculum for Homeschool 2014-2015 {The Unlikely Homeschool}

Like all second-born children, my Super Boy has the "privilege" of being parented...and homeschooled...with a big helping of hindsight. Because I am now traveling the same path with him that I had previously carved with my first born, I find that the way is a little smoother and easier to navigate (in theory, anyway).

That's not to say that I can just press "repeat" on the educational curriculum "playlist." His learning style and personality is completely opposite of hers. It just means that by the time he reaches the same ages and stages that she reached not long ago, I'm a little more versed in the basics and feel completely confident adding and detracting when necessary.

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So, while his third grade list might seem very similar to hers, I've cut out a lot of unnecessaries and made small changes here and there.

Content-rich Subjects

Since we do all of our content-rich subjects (like history and science) and many of our extra curriculars (like art and creative writing) all together and since I've already shared those, I will not list those here. Please see our GROUP CURRICULUM for more details>>

Personal Devotions

  • The Action Bible 
  • Gotta Have God for Boys - Admittedly, this is not a very DEEP devotional book. Sadly, I've struggled to find meaningful devotionals for boys his age and reading level. For now, it will have to do. 


  • BJU English 3 (4x a week) 
  • All About Spelling Level 3 (4x a week) 
  • Create a writing notebook that he will use to keep all of the final drafts of his writing assignments. (every few weeks) 
  • Continue writing to the penpal he has had for the last three years. (1x a month) 
  • Read for pleasure every day. 
  • Read and Think Skills Sheets 3- These worked well to help my daughter improve her reading comprehension as well as prepare her for the timed reading comprehension sections of the mandatory annual state achievement tests. I'm hoping they will be just as helpful for my son. (1 page a week) 
  • Read a Mom-assigned book...classic, biography, exceptional fiction...that I select for him. (4x a week)



  • Help make one breakfast, lunch, and dinner each week.
  • Participate in an oh-so-fantastic-program that The Hubs is creating with our four boys in mind.  (I can't wait to tell y'all about it!  It is nearing completion and I'm just chomping at the bit to announce it to the world!!  In due time.  All in due time.)

Critical Thinking

This year, critical thinking is a wild card. I have materials for each of my kids (hand-me-downs from the sibling above them). But, with the addition of a brand new, much-more-time-consuming history program, I am going to start the year off with the assumption that critical thinking will have to be shelved for the year. Only so many balls can be juggled at one time! However, since I always re-assess our curriculum a few weeks into the school year, I am going to reserve the right to add critical thinking back into our week if time and sanity allow.

IF, I do eventually add it back, Super Boy will complete the second half of Building Thinking Skills, Level 1 that he started last year.

Extra curriculars

Third grade curriculum list for homeschool {the Unlikely Homeschool}

He'll be a busy boy!


  1. We bought Typing Instructor and the kids are really liking it - and learning a lot! Thanks again!

  2. We have a third grader this year too. I love seeing what families use for their children

  3. Somewhere on your blog I'm sure I saw a link to online free art lessons that were videos. Can you tell me which post that was? Thank you!

    1. I shared this link on FB early in the summer.
      Otherwise, I have compiled a youtube playlist of free videos from youtube.