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What We're Reading in February

What We're Reading in February-The Unlikely Homeschool

February started with a bang as we added one more reader to the house.  My four-year-old has been vigorously reading as many one-vowel readers that I can set in front of him.  His older brothers have each inched their way into the next level of books.  And their sister?  Well, in the first three days of the month, she's already checked three books off her TO READ list.
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The weatherman has predicted another unprecedentedly cold week ahead of us here in Mayberry.  So, chances are, we'll have plenty of time to turn a few pages.  Here's what we're reading...

Read Aloud-Everybody

Justin Morgan Had a Horse- After much deliberation and a family vote, we decided to begin this precious based-on-a-true-story tale of Little Bud, the granddaddy of the Morgan breed of horses. We're only a few chapters in, but once again, Marguerite Henry's unembellished-style of writing has grabbed us all.  

Jamie-that's me!

Treasuring God in Our Traditions-I'm trapped somewhere between "I just finished a great book" and "When will my requested book be available at the library?"  And as I can't spend too long without my nose in a good read, I chose a short, quick book to keep me company while I wait for the other one. I'm callin' this my REBOUND book.  

Sweetie Pea-5th Grade

Beautiful Girlhood- (Mom assigned book) This was a book I've had on my "someday" list for quite sometime.  Now that she has officially hit the TWEEN years, I am slowly introducing a few of the titles  from the next stage of my Titus 2 mothering plan to my beautiful girl.  

Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West- (Read for fun book)

Super Boy-2nd Grade

Stone Fox- (Mom assigned book)  This is my son's first leap out of leveled readers and into a REAL chapter book.  I chose one that I knew would appeal to his sense of adventure.  A boy...a dog...and a sled dog race...

Scary Snakes- (Read for fun book) This certainly isn't my first choice for a "fun" book, but it's right up his alley and that's just fine by me.  

Blonde Warrior-1st Grade

The Long Way Westward- (Mom assigned reader) 

Greased Lightning-Preshool

Scholastic Phonics Ready Readers 1-12

What about you? What are you reading?


  1. The recommendations you gave me were spot on! THANK YOU seems minor for what you do.

    1. Yeah! I'm so glad that short list was successful. I always hesitate to give suggestions without knowing the child, but since you mentioned a few books she did like in your FB message, I thought I'd go out on a limb and give you a few titles similar in style/skill-level to those. Glad they were a hit.

  2. I love Justin Morgan had a Horse. I didn't like Mustang as much, but I read Justin Morgan so many times as a kid.

    1. So far, she's liking it. But, to my recollection, there's only been two books in the last six years of reading that she hasn't liked.

  3. Thank you Jamie for your wonderful lists. I was wondering for your 1st and 2nd graders do you make them read your choices out loud to you? Do you have others they read a loud?

    1. Great question! Yes, for my 1st and 2nd grader, I require them to read their "Mom assigned book" to me out loud. Their "Read for fun" book is read quietly to themselves during a fifteen minute "read to yourself" time each day. For this reason, I make sure that the "Read for fun" book is at an easier level than their actual reading level. The "Mom assigned book" is more challenging.

      My daughter, on the other hand, is no longer LEARNING to read, so she reads both her choices to herself. At this point, her "Mom assigned book" is more about reading to learn than learning to read. I choose books that have information I want her to learn OR exceptional literary quality. Hey...this would make a great post. Maybe other mommas are curious about this too. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!