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See the Light: Art Class Vol. 1 Review

Art Class Vol. 1 Review
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You might assume that since I am married to a professional artist (The Hubs is the senior art director at a local advertising agency.) that I possess a teensy bit of artistic knowledge...at least enough to pass along to my children.  But unfortunately, all the artistic prowess of the family lies with him...definitely not me!
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Early on, we both came to the conclusion that while CRAFTS are definitely more up my alley, we would much prefer to focus on FINE ART and art skills for our home education. While he possesses the raw natural talent for art, he does not have the TIME necessary to teach it. And so, that responsibility falls to me...the one who's artistic ability is limited to stick figures and paint-by-number kits.

Over the years, I have amassed quite a collection of art HOW TO books and project suggestions to assist me in my attempts at teaching art. But, a HOW TO book with its black type on a white page can't easily replace a demonstration in living color.

That is why I was very excited to be able to "pass the buck" for four whole art lessons to Pat Knepley, a See the Light Master Artist.

While using Vol. 1 of her nine volume Art Class set, my children were able to learn the foundations for simple line drawing. While teaching the basics, Pat introduces the necessary tools, shows how to properly grip your tools for both drawing and shading, emphasizes proper contour and composition when creating a line drawing, and even walks you through a simple line project from start to finish. In addition, she has also included a bonus lesson which focuses on the fundamentals of using chalks.

Review of Art Class Vol. 1

What I liked

I'm actually not sure that I can list EVERYTHING that I liked about this program...but I'll try.

Right from the start, Pat referenced God as the Master Creator. She continually took opportunities to seep Scripture and Scriptural principles of creation into each lesson. 
In addition to being a master artist, Pat is a master teacher. Her encouraging and vibrant voice is captivating and motivating. Even my three-year-old was eager to take up a pencil and try his hand at the lesson. 
Although this is meant to be a series focusing on creativity, it is also brimming with scholastic elements. Pat keeps each lesson's activity simple to more effectively emphasize the skills being taught and to clearly explain artistic terms and tools. It is clear that she is more concerned with the process rather than the product. The SKILLS and VOCABULARY of art are the focus. The projects are just an added bonus! 

A variety of examples are given showing what to do AND what not to do. 

Lessons are kept short on purpose for a young audience. 

Each lesson builds upon the foundations taught in previous lessons. 

There's no need to scramble for needed supplies right in the middle of the lesson. All supplies are clearly listed at the very beginning. Although each assignment can be completed with a few basic items, Pat also demonstrates how to do the lesson with more complex art mediums.

Art Class Vol. 1 Review

My son possesses a natural talent for art and loves to draw. My daughter on the other hand does not enjoy drawing, but mostly because she doesn't think she is very good at it. After completing all four lessons for Art Class, Vol. 1, my she was actually pleased with her end result and was encouraged by her success. The easy-to-follow instructions were a refreshing change and helped her finish each project with confidence.

Since watching the lessons, my son has continued to use his newly-learned art skills as he draws for pleasure. The many tips he learned served to foster his inborn love for drawing and has refined some of his natural talent.

Review of Art Class Vol. 1

The Nitty Gritty of Art Class Vol. 1

  • retails for $14.99
  • 4 easy-to-understand art lessons and one bonus lesson featuring chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann
  • 48 min. (each lesson is about 10-12 minutes long)
  • the first in a 9 volume, one-year art class
  • the entire Art Class set retails for $99.99

Review of Art Class Vol. 1

For more information or to purchase a copy of this exceptional art program, be sure to visit See the Light: Drawing Children to Him or catch them on Facebook or Twitter.

Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow when I will be giving away a copy of Art Class Vol. 1 to one lucky reader!

*This post contains affiliate links.  Although I was given a free copy of Art Class, Vol. 1 all opinions expressed are honest and completely my own.  Your experiences may vary.

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