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ABC Book Printable Pages

ABC Book Printable Pages-The Unlikely Homeschool
Blonde Warrior's 2011-2012 book (left) and Super Boy's 2010-2011 book (right).

Last year, my THEN preschooler was busy each week learning one letter of the alphabet...not necessarily in alphabetical order as I don't believe that is the best way to teach letters phonetically. After learning the letter by pulling fun items out of his mystery alphabet bag, every Tuesday found him creating a simple ABC-themed craft page that emphasized its shape and sound. At the end of the year, I took all of the craft pages to Office Max and had them bound with a cover. (As a side note from a proud momma...he won a blue ribbon at our local county fair last summer for his creative efforts!)

I have recently received a handful of requests from readers asking for printable copies of the letter pages that I made for my son. I realize I have never shared the COMPLETE list of activities. I plan to repeat all of this with Greased Lightning next fall and will be glad to recount it all then.

ABC Book Printable Pages

For now, here's a list of all of the pages...

Please keep in mind that I am a FIRM believer in PROCESS over PRODUCT. I'll admit that some of the page themes did not produce a very "cute" outcome (painting with coffee). But, my main goal in introducing this year-long project was to provide some kinesthetic activity to his learning...not to make 26 fridge-worthy masterpieces.

A is for Apple Prints
B is for Bark Rubbings
C is for Coffee Paint
D is for Dirt
E is for Eggs
F is for Fabric
G is for Glitter
H is for Handprints
I is for Inchworm Prints
J is for Jungle Animal Prints
K is for Keys
L is for Lemon Juice Secret Codes
M is for Marble Races
N is for Newspaper
O is for Octopus
P is for Purple Polk-a-dots
Q is for Quarter Rubbings
R is for Rice
S is for Stickers
T is for Tire Tracks
U is for Upside-Down Umbrella
V is for Valentine's Cards
W is for Watercolor
X is for X Marks the Spot
Y is for Yarn
Z is for Zeros

ABC Book Printable Pages

My current preschooler is not yet learning the shape and sounds of the letters but has been working on ABC awareness by creating a completely different kind of alphabet book. I'll be sharing his book, as well as some more thoughts on designing your own preschool "curriculum", in the coming weeks. I hope you'll join me.

Have a preschooler learning the alphabet?
Now's your chance to grab all 26 
*These printables are FREE but are for personal use only.  In downloading the following files, you are agreeing not to copy, reproduce, or alter them except for your own personal, non-commercial usage.  In addition, you are also agreeing not to share or publicly display any or all parts of the materials on Facebook, in an email, or in person.  If you wish to share the downloads with others, please share a direct LINK to this post.


  1. Hurray! Hurray! I have a little boy that just turned three who is becoming rather....pesty during school. I think it's time to start giving him some things to do during our school time and this looks wonderful! I can't wait to hear what else you have to share! I was a bit over eager with my daughter and am hoping to keep it light and easy this go round.

    1. I know I was a bit over eager with my first too. My boys have had so much fun making these books. I can't wait to do it with my last two little ones. Hope your boy enjoys it too!

  2. I started printing the templates out and my 2.5 year old starts yelling 'Z, Y, X, M'...mind you they were printing upside down from his view. He stole them away from the printer and grabbed his crayon box. Thank you for making these available to us.

  3. Thank-you for the pdf! I had something like this in my head for my two early learners, so I was happy to find it already done! I was wondering how you made them, was it a special font? I'd like to make a set of lower-case letters to go along with these.

    1. Michelle, It was a font. But, I do not remember which one. I have had several request for a lower case edition and will be putting one together for this upcoming school year.

  4. Wow! What a super idea! We have been doing Abeka, but finances are not allowing us to buy the curriculum this year for our preschooler. We are trying to keep the "abeka spirit" but doing our own thing and THIS fits that bill!! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. I just saw the comments on the post above...
    I use a font called "primer apples" when creating stuff for my kids. It is a tracable-friendly font I got for free online (I belive it was 1001fonts.com ??)

  6. Hi Jamie, do you know of any printables that are all lowercase, or maybe lower and upper case on the same page? I could totally make my own, but if it's out there, that would be faster!

    1. You can find my lower case set here...

  7. Love this!! Any chance you would share what "lemon juice secret codes" are?

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  9. Thank you so much! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

  10. These printables will be a big help for my pre schooler. Thanks for these.