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Adding Some FLASH to Flashcard Review: Secret Code

Adding Some FLASH to Flashcard Review-5 simple games/activities for reviewing with flashcards in homeschooling-The Unlikely Homeschool

I don't know about YOUR kids, but MY kids are a captive audience with the mere mention of a secret code. But, who doesn't love a good mystery? For this reason, SECRET CODE has become one of my favorite GO TO flashcard review activities. All you need for this simple game is a set of flashcards and a "detective" eager to crack a secret code.

To Play Secret Code

Tell your child that you will be flashing them a secret code. He or she is not allowed to cypher the code until the entire code is complete.

Secret Code

Flash two to five flashcards in a row (depending upon the age of the child). Encourage the child to remember the answer to each flashcard, but NOT to say the answer out loud.

Secret Code

When all the flashcards have been "flashed", ask the child, "What's the code?" He/she has to tell you all the answers in the correct order to crack the secret code.
Secret Code

In this case, the secret code that I have flashed is...13-18-11.

Once the code has been cracked, create another one with a handful of cards.

Not only is this a more creative approach to regular flashcard review, it also helps to stretch cognitive skills as your child has to remember an entire series of answers IN ORDER.

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  1. Great idea! This could be used on so many different subjects too :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I have used this game states/capitals, presidents, phonics sounds, math facts...much more. Has worked well for all of them.