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Adding Some FLASH to Flashcard Review: I Spy

Adding Some FLASH to Flashcard Review-5 simple games/activities for reviewing with flashcards in homeschooling-The Unlikely Homeschool

It's Day 2 in my attempt to share some fun activities/games for flashcard review. I'm so glad you've joined me once again!

Today, I want to encourage you to break from the traditional view that you probably have of flashcards...the one in which you show one card at a time and wait for your child to give you the correct answer. Instead, try doing things in reverse.

Playing I Spy Flashcard is not only a great way to MIX IT UP during review time, it also allows for a more thorough review when combined with traditional flashcard drill by utilizing a different learning method. Let me explain...

Traditional drill appeals to a child's VISUAL processing/learning skills...they SEE the card, process the information, and formulate an answer. Games like I SPY FLASHCARD utilize both visual AND auditory processing skills.

I Spy-flashcard review game for homeschooling

To Play I Spy Flashcard

Lay out a handful of flashcards. Using the same concepts of the traditional I Spy game, say, "I Spy... (give an answer to one of the cards)."

I Spy-flashcard review game for homeschooling

You child has to hear the answer, find the card that corresponds to that card, and point to it.

In this case, I said, "I spy the 'or' sound."

If using this game to review math facts, give the answer to a particular math combination and instruct your child to point to the card that shows a combination which EQUALS that answer. For example, "I spy 35." Your child would then point to the 7 x 5 flashcard.

TWO learning processes in one game! Your child HEARS the answers, SEES the card that corresponds with that answer, and points to that card...visual AND auditory review!

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  1. What type if flash cards are you using with the phonics blends on them? They look simple and straightforward. All the ones I'm finding online are really busy with cheesy clip art on them and are pretty incomplete as far as content in a set. Thanks :)

    1. Those are ABeka Clue Word Cards. They follow the ABeka phonics program but would also work with most others.