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Galloping the Globe Review

Awww...it was our bi-weekly co-op today...a brief pause in the crazy busyness of our homeschooling week. We always love getting together with the gang to learn in a larger, significantly more animated setting. As I mentioned last week, our group has chosen to do a geography study this year. We will be using the digital download version of Galloping the Globe by Loree' Pettit and Dari Mullins and published/distributed by Geo Matters.

We have been enjoying the curriculum so much, I just have to take a quick minute to tell you about it...

Galloping the Globe Review-The Unlikely Homeschool

Galloping the Globe

Although, we are strictly using it for group geography lessons, this well-organized, unit-study style curriculum includes sections that focus on geography, historical biography, literature, language arts, science, and Bible. With the exception of math, it is an all-inclusive curriculum.

Each major section of the book details one of the seven major world continents.  Within those sections, numerous chapters are included, each focusing on one country within that continent.  

Chapters include

  • a brief introduction to that country 
  • a lengthy list of living literature style books that teach the various subjects included in the curriculum
  • a native flag printable
  • a country map with space to recount a few major cultural/geographical stats
  • hands on activities and crafts that reinforce the culture of that region
  • information about certain holidays and celebrations 

In addition, many chapters also include

  • national recipes
  • links to useful on-line sites 
  • tourism contact information
  • printable games and review sheets

The introductory chapter is a great look at how to study the world and includes resources for map study skills and general geographical knowledge/vocabulary.

This teacher-friendly guide also contains 
  • a core book list to get you started in your studies
  • instructions for creating student notebooks
  • teaching tips for each of the included subjects
  • a helpful list of general geographical activities
  • a running list of recommended websites
  • a sample schedule
  • an appendix of useful printables to help you incorporate oral and written reports into your students' studies
  • and an answer key for all included country printables

What I like

A busy, homeschool mom can definitely appreciate the ease of having a digital version. I can print the maps and flags directly from my computer instead of having to make a lopsided xerox copy from a bulky book. (The hard copy of the book now comes with a CD of all included printables.)

Although our group is not using it for an all-inclusive curriculum, I like the freedom I have to pick-and-choose from the WIDE variety of different subjects/activities included. Who doesn't like to sample international foods and read some great living literature works?...especially a momma who chooses a living literature approach to learning.

Obviously, the curriculum features the major countries within the seven continents, but Galloping the Globe also includes units for numerous lesser-known countries.

The activities list makes it possible for even the most "un-crafty" of moms to be able to provide some hands-on creative learning.

I do think the digital version would be EVEN MORE terrific if I had a Kindle or a tablet of some kind in order that I could bring it along with me to my library when I need to gather my necessary books. But, the easy "print this page" button located at the top of each page makes it possible for me to print only the pages I need in order to take them along when and where I want.

The Nitty Gritty

  • published by Geo Matters
  • 266 pages (This includes resource and bio pages.) 
  • retails for $29.95 
  • Check out our Mexico Unit to see how our co-op is incorporating the curriculum. 

For more information or to order a copy of Galloping the Globe for yourself, be sure to visit Geo Matters on the web, find them on Facebook, or Twitter @geomatters.

*I was given a copy of Galloping the Globe in exchange for a thorough review. All opinions expressed were true and completely my own.  I am not responsible if your experiences vary.


  1. This is on my to get list when we start doing international geography.