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Summer Bucket List: Stamp Collection

I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Summer Bucket List that Blonde Warrior would be making a stamp collection.  We have a house rule that you may not participate in any organized extra-curriculars (sports, music lessons, clubs, etc.) until you are at least five.  But that certainly doesn't mean that our little ones don't have their share of fun.  

The Unlikely Homeschool

In an effort to give Blonde Warrior, only four, a special summer "to do", I helped him begin his very own stamp collection.  

The Hubs and I dated long distance for three years.  We only saw each other every three-six months. Back when email was a new development and texting was only something you saw in the movies, we used snail mail.  LOTS of snail mail and phone calls to stay connected.  

Blonde Warrior and I sorted through three years worth of old letters to claim all the unique stamps.  

The Unlikely Homeschool

Our local hobby shop sells fancy-looking stamp display folders at a somewhat reasonable price, but with a little searching around the house, I was able to wrangle up an unused office folder and a few sheets of plastic business card organizer sheets.  A homemade book will be a perfect trial run to see if he actually enjoys the collection.  If so, I can add the fancy one to his Christmas wish list.

The Unlikely Homeschool

He was so excited to see his book complete and even asked if we could give a notebook and all his unused, duplicate stamps to his best friend so they can "start a club."  He anxiously awaits the mail each afternoon in hopes of claiming the small $.45 treasures.

So far, it has been much more educational than I had expected it to be.  Most of the time, he asks all kinds of questions about the stamp itself, where the letter has come from, and where the place is located on the map.  A simple geography lesson in disguise.  

So how do you successfully remove a stamp from the letter?

  1. Tear off the upper corner of the envelope.
  2. Soak the torn corner in warm water for several minutes until the stamp begins to naturally separate from the envelope.
  3. Carefully pull the two pieces away from each other.  The water will break down the adhesive but may not remove it completely.
  4. Thoroughly dry the stamp on waxed paper, metal, or glass so that the adhesive doesn't reapply itself to the drying surface.  
  5. Press the completely dried stamp between two books if the corners curled in the drying process.

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