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Tuesday's Tot Trio #11

Glad you joined me today for more "Adventures" of Greased Lightning. If you have a little toddler at home, I hope that these three little tot school happenings will inspire some creative play in your neck of the woods.

First up, was a quick little matching game I had whipped up last week using an assortment of primary-colored paint chip samples and clothes pins. I wanted to make a simple game that both he and Blonde Warrior could play. Obviously, Blonde Warrior...being a year older and having a more structured preschool time...needed something a little more challenging than his younger brother.

To play the game, Greased Lightning had to match the paint sample with the corresponding colored clothes pin. When Blonde Warrior played it later that same day, he matched up both the color and the number.

Sweetie Pea was kind enough to lend out her piggy bank along with its contents for this next little "to do." While the big kids were busy with their math assignments, Greased Lightning completed his own math "lesson" by putting change in the piggy bank...again and AGAIN! He couldn't get enough of it. Which was fine with me because the fine motor skills necessary to put a coin in a small slot are the same ones needed to learn to write...someday. This made for good practice in coordination and helped to build up his handwriting muscles.

Tinker toys are always a tot favorite around here. As I had mentioned a few weeks ago, anytime we have a large assortment of similar toys, I break them down into a smaller pail for Greased Lightning. Otherwise, he gets overwhelmed and doesn't quite know what to do with himself. Plus, since the school table is usually covered with books and projects, a smaller amount is much more space appropriate.

What has your tot been up to this week? Do you have any "go to" tot ideas? I'd love to hear them!


  1. love clothes pins and paint samples! haven't done that exact activity yet, will have to try it soon.

  2. Some great ideas I love the clothes pin matching game. I need to get hold of some to make something up like that for my toddlers.

    Thank you for linking this to Tuesday Tots this week.