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Math Game: Double Review Bingo

One of my "go to" review games at The Unlikely Homeschool is Double Review Bingo.  Although unlike regular Tic-Tac-Toe, the children really aren't playing against anyone.  But the simple challenge of getting "four in a row" is enough of a motivation for them. 

This past week, Super Boy got a chance to play.

To prep for the game, he had to fold a piece of scrap paper in half and keep folding until he ended up with a small square.

Then, he unfolded it to reveal a built in Bingo grid.

The first part of the "double" review came as I flashed him some addition facts.  

He wrote each answer in a different square of the grid.

Then, once every square had a number in it, I mixed up the flashcards and we played the game.  I gave the addition facts again, only this time I gave them orally instead of showing them on a card.  By saying them out loud, I was challenging Super boy to use a different sense instead of his eyes.  This helped to solidify the info in his head.

We continued to play until he got "four in a row" and called out "bingo!"

Although we play this game most often during math, you can play it to review almost any subject matter with specific answers...spelling, phonics sounds, states and capitals, etc.

Do you have a "go to" review game?

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  1. Very clever idea, my daughters are still tots, but I'll have to archive this one for when they're older. Thanks for sharing! Please feel free to stop by my blog at happylittlemunchkins@blogspot.com and say hi!