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Alphabet Bag

Along with a weekly craft, my preschooler gets to have a simple phonics sound review of each letter with the help of a colorful gift bag filled with all kinds of treasures.

This week, he was learning the letter "P". After being introduced to the formation and sound, he was handed his ABC bag and encouraged to take out a handful of items that all started with the "P" sound. As he took each item out of the bag, he had to tell me what it was, what sound it started with, and what letter made that sound. The "mystery" of the bag disguises the review element of the phonics lesson.

In his bag this week, my son found:
  • a Picture of his Papa (along with his beloved sidekick, Nana)
  • a Pear
  • a Pig
  • Pancakes (a pretend version...The real thing would have been a bit tricky.)
  • a Parrot
  • a Pirate
  • a Puzzle
  • Pickles
  • a Piece of Paper
  • a Plane
  • a Pair of Pants
  • a Plate 
  • a Pencil
  • and a jar of Paint

Obviously, some letters lend themselves to many "mystery" items while others prove to be a bit more difficult. But, the older two kiddos both love helping me find items to put into the bag the night before, or the morning of...as the case may be...thereby enjoying a little healthy phonics review themselves!

Stay tuned next week when I will share the craft portion of Letter "P."
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