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The 2022 TUH Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Reader holding a Book Nerd Cup

Helpful PSA: I'm not a fan of shopping. As a general rule, I'd rather braid the hair of my neighbor's cat than enter a department store. There is one teensy exception to my self-diagnosed shopping allergy, however. I'm sure you can guess what it is.


I'd also add their bookish next of kin--readerly accessories--to my short list of items that can lure me into the mall. (Why? Because as a reader, I'm not just here for the books, I'm here for the entire literary lifestyle. It's an incurable disorder. I've come to terms with it. If we're to be friends, you should too.)

As I know I'm not the only one who loves all-things-reading-adjacent, I've compiled a list of gift ideas for all my fellow bibliophiles (Feel free to use this as a guide to shop for those you love or stealthily pass it under the doorframes of all the secret Santas who have your name on their list. I plan to!) 

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Big Books T-shirt

My readerly t-shirt with this exact phrasing has been a staple in my wardrobe for over a decade and is now worn thin. I think it's high time I get a new one. 

Vintage Library Card Memo Pad

This vintage-looking memo pad comes in 6 assorted colors and would be the perfect tool for keeping track of that mounting TBR list.

LED Neck Reading Light

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I stay up even later than my nocturnal husband. When I do, it's usually because I've stumbled upon an unputdownable book. Just because I can't sleep doesn't mean he should have to stay awake, though. A neck light is a kind companion for late-night reading adventures. 

Book Journal

This journal is an all-in-one reading tracker. It not only includes plenty of space and helpful prompts for recording your thoughts about what you've read but also has room for your TBR, your genre checklists, your reading goals, and so much more. 

Book Lovers Canvas Tote

A true bibliophile knows that although any bag will do to carry home a giant library haul, one with a bookish theme makes the heavy load feel a bit lighter!

Personal Library Kit

Most of the avid readers you know are probably closet librarians. These are just the facts. Don't argue with me. Why not make it official by gifting your favorite book-fiend a collection of professional-looking library tools? 

Novel Teas

I was gifted a box of these delicious English Breakfast Teabags last Christmas and still can't get enough of them. Each bag tag contains a literary quote or quip about the readerly life.

Book Club Key Chain

This simple key chain, when attached to the outside of a wrapped package, would add a little something extra to any gift. 

Customizable Book Earrings

These customizable earrings would make great gifts for fellow book club members.

Bookmarks Are for Quitters Mug

Add a little whimsy to your next reading adventure with this sassy little mug.

Book Themed Purse

My main criterion for purse shopping is that the bag must be big enough to hold at least one book. If it holds three books? Even better. While I don't think these book-themed purses are large enough to carry around an entire trilogy, they do appear to fit one trade paperback comfortably. What's more, they come in lots of different cover prints to entice a wide variety of readers. 

It's a Good Day to Read a Book Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt doesn't lie. I like honest clothing. Don't you?

Famous Author Candle

From William Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde, Jane Austin to Mark Twain--these famous author candles feature the quotes and "signatures" of some of history's literary greats.

Willow Tree Reader Figurine

I'm a minimalist at heart. So, you'll be hard-pressed to find knick-knacks of any kind on my bookshelves. But I think I can be convinced to make space next to my favorite titles for this little tchotchke. 

A Literary Tea Party

Bring your next book club meeting to a whole new level by pairing this month's selection with the perfect tea and finger sandwich. This book will help you create a literary experience for all your readerly friends. 

Audible Subscription

Right now, you can grab 4 months of Audible Premium Plus for only $5.95. That's 60% off the regular monthly subscription price. I've logged 73 titles in my reading journal so far this year. Audiobooks have played a huge part in that ballooning total of books.

Book Themed Thank You Cards

In the rush of post-Christmas clean-up, don't forget to send a quick note of thanks to any of the gift-givers in your life. These book-themed cards will serve as a subtle hint for what's on the top of your wish list for next year.

Literary Lap Blanket

A warm blanket is a natural sidekick for a good book. One that includes literary quotes will make your reading experience pro-grade!

Book Nerd Socks

Admittedly, themed socks, bookish or otherwise, never keep my feet all that warm. But, sometimes one has to choose fashion over comfort!

From the Library Of Embosser Stamp

Having trouble getting your books back after you've loaned them out to others? A personalized embossed stamp can be a beautiful, yet subtle reminder to whom the book belongs. 

The 2022 TUH Gift Guide for Book Lovers #giftguide #christmas #bibliophile #readerlife

While all of these readerly accessories would make wonderful gifts for the favorite readers in your life, consider pairing one of them with a book that's been sitting on their literary bucket list for a while. Your thoughtfulness will ensure that they'll love you more than books...or that they'll at least slot you in second place. 

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  1. My daughters and I are avid readers and these ideas are excellent! The mug (Bookmarks are for Quitters) made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas!

    1. You're welcome. Be sure to check out the other lists at the bottom. The one for reluctant readers has lots of bookish gifts for kids...reluctant or otherwise!

  2. Just sent my husband this list, because I've finally gotten back into the groove of reading more. It's hard when the kids are littles, but I'm trying to find time when possible. I love escaping into a book and watching the story unfold in my mind! Thankful to have passed on this trait to my oldest so far! Praying the younger ones gain the love of books as well! If only there was enough time in the day to read multiple books, that'd be a great day. :)

    1. I hear you, friend. I too went through a slow reading season when my kids were younger. Now that they are older, I've been able to carve out more time to devote to books.

  3. I like the list. There are some cute items on there.
    The link under the mug photo takes you to the keychain on Amazon instead of the mug.