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Join the Holy Hygge Launch Team!

Holy Hygge with loaf of artisan bread

Calling all bibliophiles, hygge enthusiasts, fans of the Gospel, folks who can hype, and anyone who has a home!

Perhaps you've heard that I've written a new book. It's called Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow. It doesn't hit shelves until Tuesday, September 6th, but from now until then, word about it needs to spread like wildfire. So, I'm gonna need your help in fanning the flames.

Would you be willing to link internet arms with me and join my launch team? Pretty please!

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Join the Holy Hygge Launch Team!

What’s a launch team?

A launch team is a group of avid readers who are willing and eager to link arms on Facebook and/or email to tell the world about a soon-to-be-published title. The members of the team act as a megaphone or a giant cheer squad to build momentum for the book before it even comes out. They are the front lines. The inside circle. In this case, a launch team is a small tribe of folks who will stand in the gap for Holy Hygge on my behalf.

What does a launch team do?

When joining the Holy Hygge launch team, you'll be asked to do a few things in the weeks leading up to the launch. 

PRE-ORDER the book from your favorite retailer. It's currently available at Moody, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target; on Christian Book and Amazon; or wherever books are sold.

REQUEST to join the Let's Hygge Together Group on Facebook. (In order to prove you're not a robot or a cyberstalker, you'll be asked to answer two questions and provide your pre-order number which can be found on your online retailer's receipt. Please be sure to answer these so that my team and I know you're a human person who's not a weirdo.)

READ the book and tell others about it on social media, in your book club, at your church, etc.

SHARE graphics, videos, blog posts, and/or podcast interviews that my team has created on your social media accounts.

SHARE an honest review and rating of the book on a retail site like Amazon or Goodreads on or soon after September 6, 2022.

Holy Hygge on a breakfast tray

What’s in it for you?

Quite a bit, I hope. When you join the team, you'll...

Snag a free copy of Holy Hygge All Year Long, a bonus eGuide filled with practical ideas to show you how to pair the outward help of hygge with the inward hope of Jesus so that you can make Kingdom connections with your family, friends, and neighbors for the next twelve months.

Read an early access digital copy of Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow before anyone else.

Join me in the private Let's Hygge Together Facebook Group for conversations dedicated to cultivating a hygge home.

But wait. There’s more.

Join me for a live Zoom event where we’ll chat about hygge and how we can nurture hyggelige homes with the Gospel in mind.

Gain a backstage peek at the publishing process. (If you’re one of the 80% of Americans who harbor a secret writing dream, joining a launch team allows you to dip your toe into the publishing world without drowning in it.)

Be entered to win exclusive giveaways and fun prizes like other hot-of-the-presses books and gift certificates to online retailers. (Just between you and me...I'll be giving away a gift every weekday for the entirety of the launch!)

When can you join the team?

Right now!

I've saved you a spot. But hurry, 
we have a limited number of spaces and will be closing the doors on August 8th, 2022!

The launch team party will officially begin on August 9th and will continue until September 7th, the day after the book releases.

Are you ready to join the fun? Let's go!

Digital copy of Holy Hygge

How else can you help?

Don't have the bandwidth to join the team right now? No worries. I get it. Summer is busy! You can still offer the following support:

PRAY that the book gets into the hands of those who could use it most and that it would start a rippling effect of folks opening their hearts and homes to others who desperately need Jesus.

BUY a copy of the book for yourself or for a friend. 

ENCOURAGE your local library or indie bookstore to carry Holy Hygge on their shelves. Remember, librarians have monthly book budgets to spend. Most would rather purchase books that others are interested in reading than eenie-meenie-minie-mo their way through a catalog to choose something at random. 

SUGGEST that your book club or small group read Holy Hygge for their next month's title.

LEAVE a positive rating or review on a book or retail site. This tells the internet bots to place the book in front of others who might appreciate or need the message.  

MARK it as a book you "want to read" on GoodReads. 

USE and follow the #holyhygge hashtag on Instagram.

TELL a friend about the book. 

For the past twenty years, God has been stamping a story on my heart. I can’t wait to share it with you! While it may not be about homeschooling, it is about home. I pray it will help us all consider how best to make a home that reflects the One whose Spirit is making a home in us. 

September 6th is coming in 5...4...3... Houston, we have liftoff! (See what I did there?!)

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