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The 10 Most Popular Posts from 2021

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According to a March 22 article from the US census bureau, the popularity of homeschooling continues to rise. Even after many schools around the country re-opened or provided hybrid models, thousands of parents of school-aged kids have chosen to bring the learning home.

"It’s clear that in an unprecedented environment, families are seeking solutions that will reliably meet their health and safety needs, their childcare needs and the learning and socio-emotional needs of their children," the article concludes.

Needless to say, books and blogs about homeschooling continue to trend on all the charts, including my little space on the web and my debut book, Homeschool Bravely, which consistently lands in the top 100 of the Parenting and Family category on Amazon.

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As always, a few older bookish posts like this one about books for teen boys or this one about the middle-school reading list I put together several years ago have received plenty of attention these past twelve months. 

But due to the crazy times, a few nearly forgotten ones resurfaced like this one called When You Feel Like Sending Them to "Real" School and this one that includes my recipe for the Best Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls. (Even two years into social distancing, we're all still doing plenty of emotional baking, apparently.) 

I did write a collection of new articles for you too. In case you missed them the first time around, here's a recap of the most popular posts from 2021.

The 10 Most Popular Posts from 2020

The 10 Most Popular Posts in 2020 #homeschool

Homeschool Moms, Beware the YA Book Shelves {with a few exceptions}

"The teen years are some of the most impressionable. This is the time when kids are often extra sensitive to the changing culture around them. Some proponents of the YA section say that these books are not necessarily any darker or more disturbing than the world in which we live and that through reading, teens can learn to relate to the current culture. But, I disagree."

Homeschool Moms, Beware the YA Book Shelves {with a few exceptions}

The Brave Homeschool Planner 2021-2022: A Planner by Homeschool Moms for Homeschool Moms

"With a planner like this, you can write all your homeschooling plans down and walk away! You can, in a very real sense, schedule your entire homeschool year, stick 'homeschooling' on a shelf, and come back to it the next day knowing that all your thoughts and plans and preparations will still be there when you need them."

The Brave Homeschool Planner 2021-2022: A Planner by Homeschool Moms for Homeschool Moms

Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2021-2022

"My daughter graduated last fall and my oldest son will soon follow in the next couple of years. So, it was with a mix of excitement and sadness that I made curriculum plans for a pared-down homeschool."

"Selecting clean and captivating reads for your kids can feel like a daunting task at times. Who has the time to pre-read a library's worth of titles? It would be so much easier if books came with a rating system similar to movies. But, alas, they don't.

With just a little bit of direction and simple vetting from trustworthy sites, however, you can curate a list of great books to keep them reading for years to come."

A Christian Mom's Guide to Choosing Clean Books for Kids

5 Easy Ways to Be the "Fun" Homeschool Mom

"There's something in me, and dare I say it, something in you that wants to be the 'fun' homeschool mom, despite the fact that we bristle every time we hear the paint jars being opened. Perhaps we're at emotional odds because, in our desire for a 'fun' homeschool, we're missing the mark entirely."

5 Easy Ways to Be the "Fun" Homeschool Mom

Favorite Read Alouds from 2020

"We read a few flops this past year--books that just didn't quite live up to our expectations. But, we read plenty of crowd-pleasers too."

"If you are looking for just the right story to enjoy together through the holiday season, look no further. Here is a list of 20+ books to enjoy this Christmas."

"Ten minutes might not seem like a lot of time, but 600 seconds used well each day can add up to big things by the end of the week, month, and year. Ten minutes can help you eat a whole elephant one bite at a time."

Fifty 10-Minute Power Tasks for Homeschool Moms

Why I Don’t Regret Staying Home to Teach My Kids

"There is an unspoken secret many homeschool moms keep, myself included. It’s a question we try to ignore but one which still finds its way into our thoughts more often than we care to admit.

Is homeschooling my children just as important as having a job? Am I missing out on some 'pivotal' role in society by choosing to stay home with my children?"

"Don't let the pessimism of others frighten you into quitting during the final stretch. Know that whatever 'mistakes' you might make in creating a 4-year plan, keeping grades, teaching practical life skills, or anything else, will not cripple them for life."

10 Keys to High School Success for Homeschoolers

The rapid growth of homeschooling has introduced new trends in teaching styles, methods, and philosophies. It's making us a more eclectic group. That also means that our reading and research topics are much different too.

It's been interesting to see what types of posts have been the most popular and widely read this past year versus previous years. "Popular" is not the same as best, however, which means that while a post might be well-written, it's just not right for the world right now. I look forward to seeing what makes the cut in 2022. Here's to another great year of homeschooling!

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