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The Power of Life-Giving Words in Your Homeschool

The Power of Life-Giving Words in Your Homeschool #homeschoolencouragement #homeschoolmom

Written by Talvi McCuskey.

It has been said that in every man there is a king and a fool. A wise person will appeal to the king in someone, and not the fool. This idea can probably be applied to every man, woman, and child, as we are all born sinners, with the ability to respond from a higher or lower nature. But I think it's especially applicable to kids and how we as moms speak to them.

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I was thinking about this concept the other day when I saw it played out in my own home.

The Power of Life-Giving Words in Your Homeschool #homeschoolencouragement #homeschoolmom

One of my daughters had been having a difficult time responding to the questions and curiosities of others.

How do you like school?
Which subjects do you like the most?
and my personal favorite, Do you like your teacher?

She is very bright and enjoys her studies, but because her learning does not happen at “school” as in the brick-and-mortar kind, she often struggles to know how to respond to these questions.

She's not the only one.

I, too, have had a difficult time knowing exactly how to help my girl. One day while talking with my mother about my frustration, she offered to help.

She took my daughter aside and spoke some words of life to her. In effect, she reminded her of two simple things: You are a gift and you have lots of gifts to give to others.

Speaking, for instance. My daughter has a way of engaging people with words. My mother told her that she must use that immense gift and not shy away from questions about homeschooling. Instead, she encouraged her to embrace the curiosities of others and to use her gift to tell them about what she is learning and how she's enjoying her school at home.

My daughter's reaction was visceral. She had been a bit defensive when I spoke to her about it, but when my mother lovingly and encouragingly inspired her to share her gift, it made a huge difference in her little-girl heart.

The Power of Life-Giving Words in Your Homeschool #homeschoolencouragement #homeschoolmom

My mom spoke to the “king” in my daughter.

Now, when people ask her about school, she has so much more confidence. She responds with excitement and shares what she is studying and enjoying--all because my mom was willing to speak words of life.

One of the greatest gifts we have to give as mothers, I think, is to sow life-giving words into our children. Even as homeschooling mamas, it can be easy to get tired and weary and, dare I say, be a bit naggy with our tone and our demands.

I've been so inspired by my own mother to reject nagging (not discipline) in favor of words of life and to speak to the "king" in each one of my children.
 “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” ~ Proverbs 18:21 

As mothers, our words bear great weight with our children. I don't know about you, but I want to use the power of my tongue to bring life to my home and my homeschool. 

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