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I Never Thought I'd Ever Homeschool {an honest confession}

I Never Thought I'd Ever Homeschool #homeeducation #learningathome #homeschoolencouragement #dayinthelifehomeschooler

Written by Talvi McCuskey.

I never thought that I'd ever homeschool my children. I was not homeschooled, and none of my friends were either. I went to a private, Christian school from first grade through graduation. I enjoyed it and was grateful for the opportunity.

I then went on to Baylor University and eventually the University of Colorado School of Law. I practiced law for five years and always assumed I would work after I had children, and that my wonderful mother would take care of them while I was at work.

Fast-forward a few years. I got pregnant and eventually looked into the eyes of my girl for the first time. My world stopped and I fell in love with that sweet baby.

I knew I could not leave her.

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I Never Thought I'd Ever Homeschool #homeeducation #learningathome #homeschoolencouragement #dayinthelifehomeschooler

A few years passed and I still felt that way. Time hadn't changed my heart, it only gave me more resolve--I did not want to leave her for six to eight hours or more for school. I wanted to be with her, to help her, to guide her, and to just do life with her.

I decided to homeschool.

Like anyone about to forge into something big, I did all the research I could: reading books, researching online, looking at our state statutes, etc. I checked and doubled checked all the boxes. But, preparation doesn't always lead to courage.

I'm gonna be completely honest: I was scared.

I was scared to take the plunge, to bear the weight of my child’s education on my shoulders- and yet I felt compelled that it was the right decision. So even in the face of fear, I did my best to choose curriculum that I liked and felt would be a good fit for her.

And off we started.

I Never Thought I'd Ever Homeschool #homeeducation #learningathome #homeschoolencouragement #dayinthelifehomeschooler

A strange thing happened once we began doing school: the fear and anxiety slipped away. I realized that I was learning new things along with her! I realized that this scary, new world of homeschooling was not so much adding a great burden to my life, as much as adding great freedom to it.

Yes, it is a big responsibility, but it is also a great privilege.

Yes, it requires a lot of discipline to day-in and day-out sit down, go through all the materials, as well as take care of the baby, the toddler, the other siblings, the house, the cooking, etc… but as the Navy Seal Jocko Willink says, “discipline equals freedom.”

In my life, the discipline involved in homeschooling has afforded me the opportunity to not miss out on moments in my children’s lives. It has allowed my children to be raised together and to be good friends. And it has granted me the freedom to heavily influence their education and exposure to culture.

I never thought I'd ever homeschool, but I'm so glad I am!

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