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11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2019-2020

11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2019-2010 #homeschool #curriculum #homeeducation

Here in our state, 11th grade can be a turning point year. Students who have college aspirations and above-average grades can choose to enroll in a state-approved college to earn dual credit for free.

Most homeschoolers who take advantage of this program, usually enroll in a local community college, but they can also enroll in online courses from any of the approved colleges/universities in order to learn at home or from a distance. My daughter has chosen to do the latter and has selected a somewhat local Christian university.

Although there are only a handful of states which offer free college enrollment for qualifying high schoolers, most states do allow for some sort of dual-enrollment. (Please see your state's educational profile for more details on post-secondary options.)

Typically, our family only homeschools 4-days-a-week. My girl is hoping that since all of her classes are online and can be done at her own convenience, she can continue that 4-day schedule.

Here's what she'll be learning.

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11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2019-2010 #homeschool #curriculum #homeeducation

Personal Devotions

  • ESV Student Study Bible
  • The Bible Project App- This is a wonderful app that includes a daily Bible reading, a Psalm-a-day selection, and a digital video that coincides with the reading. This app was created in partnership with Francis Chan's Rethink Church ministry and is a great tool to help break the Bible into daily-sized chunks. (Chan is my daughter's absolute favorite preacher and writer.)

Dual Enrollment

This year, she'll be both a junior in high school and a freshman in college. Although she'll earn two grades for the effort of one, they will be weighted differently. A four-credit college-level class will only count as one credit on a high school transcript.

In theory, she will be able to graduate high school with an AA degree and then transfer these college credits to the college of her choosing to be put towards a BS or a BA.

First Semester

  • ENG 1105 Composition (1 high school credit : 4 college credits)
  • HIS 1005 History of Western Civ (1 high school credit : 4 college credits)
  • SCI 1010 Environmental Science with Lab (1 high school credit : 4 college credits)
  • PHE 1065 Lifetime Fitness & Wellness (.25 high school credit : 1 college credit)

Second Semester

  • LIT 2118 Multiethnic American Lit. (1 high school credit : 4 college credits)
  • POS 2005 US National Government (1 high school credit : 4 college credits)
  • PHE 1066 Fitness & Health for Life (.5 high school credit : 2 college credits)
  • SPE 1075 Public Speaking (.75 high school credit : 3 college credits)

She only has one more high school math credit to earn in order to graduate, so she's opted to reserve that for her senior year.

At Home Electives

In addition to online college classes, she also has hopes to do the following self-directed learning activities here at home.

  • Driver's Ed (.5 high school credit : 2 college credits) She actually took this during the summer months and passed her permit test. She will continue to log her required behind-the-wheel hours in order to get her license in the spring. 
  • Audio editing- For the past year, she has done all the producing/editing for the Mom to Mom Podcast. She's since been approached by other podcasting hopefuls with requests to do their sound editing. This experience will be logged and added to her high school transcript. 
  • Master Class: Filmmaking & TV

Life Skills

  • She will continue to have child-of-the-day privileges and responsibilities.
  • Clean her room and make her bed each day. 
  • Daily chores: sweep one downstairs room, sweep the living room, and do the dishes with my middle son.
  • Do 1-2 loads of laundry (Mondays).
  • Make dinner on Mondays.
  • Weekly Chores: three chores that she randomly selects from our chore jar.
  • Work at a local Bible camp on special event weekends throughout the school year. 
  • Babysit for a local family as needed.

Co-operative Learning

When I could not find a homeschool co-op in our new city, I decided to start one of my own. Currently, we are 25 families strong and are all set to launch into the school year with a great line-up of classes.

We'll meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday mornings of each month with an optional field trip offered on the 5th Thursdays. My daughter will be in the 7th-12th-grade group with her younger brother and will enjoy the following classes during the first semester:

  • American Government/Civics
  • First Aid/Survival Skills
Second-semester classes will be determined towards the end of December.

Dual-enrollment will require a new level of academic commitment from her. But since she's been slowly making her way towards educational independence since 8th grade, I have no doubt she'll do just fine. She's driven, highly motivated, and quite organized when she needs to be--all skills which will serve her well in college and beyond!


  1. Would love to know how your daughter learned about audio editing. Did she take a class?

  2. So the classes she is taking are through BJU? Will the college credit transfer to most colleges? My daughter and son are looking at Cedarville University in Ohio and Moody Institute in Chicago.

    1. No. None of these are from BJU. She is enrolled at a Christian liberal arts college here in our state. She's taking the classes online.

  3. What have you used for foreign language?

    1. In the past, we have used Rosetta Stone. But foreign language is not a pre-requisite for the university program she has pursued, so we opted not to continue with foreign language and to focus our efforts on other things.

  4. How do/did you log her time audio editing?

    1. For these homemade classes, a child can keep track of the hours he/she spends learning and working on projects.

  5. Hi Jamie :) What curriculum is your co-op using for the American Government/Civics class that she will be taking? I am looking for one for my daughter so any suggestions you could five me would be helpful TIA :)

    1. This was a post from a couple of years ago. She's graduated already. But if memory serves, a mom made a curriculum on her own for the class.