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What We're Reading in June 2019

This week, I joined forces with four other homeschooling moms you might know (Cindy West from Our Journey Westward, Mary Prather from Homegrown Learners and Squilt Music, Alicia Hutchinson of Over at Alicia's and The Learning Well Community, and Rachel Reeves formerly of the At Home Podcast and Rachel R. Reeves) to help you prevent summer slide.

Each day over on Instagram, we're sharing our TOP 5 living literature books for certain subjects and inviting you to do the same using the hashtag #sneakysummerlearninglibrary. In addition, we're giving away a collection of some of our favorite living lit books to one lucky winner and her friend. Not on Instagram? That's OK. You can head on over to my Sneaky Summer Learning collection each day this week to see what books I recommend.

With our gentler summer schedule, I'm determined to sneak in lots of good books and in the process, lots of learning.

Here's what we're reading this month.
(Since we officially wrapped the 2018-2019 school year last week, the grade levels reflected here indicate what grades each of my kids will be entering in the fall.)

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Read Aloud- everybody

The War that Saved My Life- We've not even cracked this one open yet, but hope to do so by the end of the week. It's come highly recommended to me by several lists I trust. However, since I've not read it personally, I can not give it a hearty endorsement just yet.

Jamie- that's me!

At Home in the World- I'm nearly done with this travel memoir by Tsh Oxenreider, former homeschool mom who took her family of five on an around the world adventure. Each chapter details their experiences in a new country and the life lessons they learned while visiting.

I'm not sure how to rate this one, to be honest. It's a breezy, entertaining book that allows a reader to glimpse the world without leaving the couch. But it lacks the deep, soul-stirring message of most memoirs and screams of first-world problems. 

Jane of Austin- This is a modern-day spin on the Jane Austen classic Sense and Sensibility. I'm not that far into the story, but so far have appreciated how clean it is--no foul language and no oversexualized scenes. 

Sweetie Pea- 11th grade

Counter Culture- After reading Platt's Radical, my daughter was anxious to read another of his titles. This one has been a bit more slow-going for her. But she has been really encouraged to read about some very current cultural topics such as the refugee crisis, pro-life vs. pro-choice, and traditional marriage vs. gay marriage. 

Super Boy- 8th grade

Seal of God- My oldest son is always on the lookout for military memoirs. Unfortunately, so many on the market today are riddled with foul language. So, whenever he or I find a clean-read, we snatch it up. This is the true story of Chad Williams, a former Navy SEAL who accepts Christ and then uses his SEAL experience to lead others to faith.

Please note: This book details some of the horrors of war and may not be suitable for every reader.

Blonde Warrior- 7th grade

Mustaches for Maddie- When Maddie is diagnosed with a brain tumor, she is faced with a decision: she can wallow in self-pity and pain or she can use her circumstance to encourage others. With humor and a few fake mustaches, she chooses the latter and ends up teaching one particular bully in her life a valuable lesson about friendship.  

Greased Lightning- 5th grade

21 Balloons- My son is still reading through this one that came so highly recommended by his sister.

On his attempt to fly across the Pacific, Professor Sherman gets stranded on the unbelievable island of Krakatoa. While there, he meets some amazing creatures who have taken up several unusual habits in order to survive.

The Dude- 2nd Grade

Mercy Watson to the Rescue- To kick off the summer, my youngest son will be reading through some of the Mercy Watson series which tell of the misadventures of a curious pig. These are illustrated first chapter books and are just perfect for kids who are transitioning from emergent reader-style stories to chapter books. 

That's what we'll be reading in the month of June. How about you?


  1. Looks like you all have a fun list of books to read! Here are ours:

    Read aloud (everyone) - I had purchased the first three books in The Kingdom Series for my son last year. He had a hard time getting started on them on his own, so we are doing book one, Kingdom's Dawn, as a read aloud. We are all really liking it! We may go on and read the next two that we have also - which will probably lead to purchasing the entire series. LOL! :)

    Me - I have continued to read the Left Behind series so I can discuss with my kiddos who are really into it. I am on the final book right now, Glorious Appearing. I assume I will finish it in the next couple of days and then will need to find new reading material for our vacation in a couple of weeks.

    11th grade daughter - She recently finished the Left Behind for kids series and has started on the original series now. She is on the third prequel, The Rapture, right now.

    My 7th grade son has been a read-a-holic this summer! He is reading hours a day! He is working his way through the Left Behind kids series and is on book 12 right now.

    My 1st grade son is reading tons of books that we are checking out from the library. Too many to name. Some of his absolutle favorites are my Melanie Watt - the Chester books and Scaredy Squirrel series.

    Happy reading!

    1. We had a really hard time getting into the Kingdom series. We listened to the audio book on a family vacation and could never finish it.

      I remember reading the Left Behind series in college when it was first coming out. I never finished it because of a busy college schedule. I should pick it back up again. I've been suggesting it to my daughter lately because I know she'd love it.

    2. My daughter is loving them - I am sure yours would, too! :)

      We finished the first Kingdom book yesterday and found that there are discussion questions for the end of each chapter that help to identify the allegory throughout. Will definitely use those when we read the next one!