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Join the Homeschool Bravely Launch Team!

Join the Homeschool Bravely Launch Team #homeschool #homeschoolbravely

Three years.
I’ve been waiting to write these words for three whole years.
Yes, I realize that three years may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things. I’m pretty sure I have cans of tuna in my cupboard older than that. (I promise to toss them out as soon as we’re done here. Pinky swear.) But in the online world, writing years are like dog years: one feels like seven. So I suppose if I break it all down in digital math, I can say that I’ve been anticipating this moment for 21 years, give or take a few months.

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Drumroll, please! Today’s the day I get to link arms with you.
But hold up. I suppose I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself. Let me begin at the beginning.

For these past three years, I’ve put all my love for you into words and have thrown them at a page. While writing I held your name, face, and stories close. The thousands of emails you have sent me, the hundreds of Instagram and Facebook posts you’ve tagged me in, and the dozens upon dozens of times you’ve stopped me in the halls at homeschool conventions to ask a question or to pour out your concerns has been a great opportunity for the two of us to get to know each other better. But, I’ve wanted more. I’ve wanted to cheer you on, to say one last word, to climb into the deep-end of your homeschool. I’ve wanted real-life time with you.

Now’s my chance. 

Join the Homeschool Bravely Launch Team #homeschool #homeschoolbravely

In just a couple of weeks—on April 2nd to be exact—I’ll be launching my new book, Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Child with Confidence, and I’d love for you to join me in celebrating—to sit closer and help me carry the torch of brave homeschooling to mamas who desperately need support.

If you have ever found value in this space here, have ever been encouraged by me or the other moms in this homeschooling tribe, or have ever just wanted an opportunity to chat a little longer about all the many fears that lurk in the shadows of your homeschool, would you consider joining my launch team?

What’s a launch team?

Well, it’s a group of folks who believe in brave homeschooling and who are willing to help spread the word about it. It’s a small tribe of people who will stand in the gap so that no mama has to let fear have the final say in her homeschool.

What does a launch team do?

Read the book and tell others about it by sharing graphics, videos, blog posts, and podcast interviews that my team has created as well as posting a written review on a book or retail site like Amazon or Goodreads.

We all have circles of influence. For some of us, that means websites, blogs, and social media. For others, that means real-life friendships, book clubs, small groups, and homeschool co-ops. Online influence is great, but it’s not the only measure of impact. Every connection—every relationship matters. So, whichever camp you find yourself in, please know that I have saved a special spot on my launch team just for you. Don’t you dare think that your contribution won’t be helpful. 

To be honest, I wrote this book with you in mind. So, if my words help bolster you and your homeschool even just a little bit as you read it, I’ll count these last three years in the win column. But, should the message spread beyond you and me, well, that would be a pretty rad bonus! (Sorry about dropping “rad” in there. When I get excited, my 80s game gets pretty strong!)

What’s in it for you?

Quite a bit, I hope. Should you care to partner with me in this, hop on over and join this private Facebook group where we’ll get to “meet” in person. Because I know how awesome The Unlikely Homeschool tribe is, I’ve no doubt that this smaller Facebook circle will be the most supportive and encouraging place on the web. It’s completely locked-down with internet bouncers at the door—no lurkers allowed. So you’ll be completely safe to share both your struggles and your strengths.

Immediately after your Facebook group request has been accepted, you’ll be able to download a digital copy of Homeschool Bravely to start reading. If you are in the US/Canada, a print copy will follow shortly thereafter and will arrive on your doorstep in the next week or so. That means you’ll be the first to read it. (Gulp!)

But wait. There’s more.

By joining the launch team, you’ll get to sit across the online table from me during a live Facebook event where we’ll chat about homeschooling with bravery. I’ll also give you a backstage peek at the publishing process. (If you’re one of the 80% of Americans who harbor a secret writing dream, joining a launch team allows you to dip your toe into the publishing world without drowning in it.) In addition, I’ll be checking in with the group daily to visit with you and to give away some fun swag. Each day, I’ll randomly select one launch team member to receive one of the following items that I hope will be helpful in all parts of your journey, not just the homeschooling bits:


Tea Time Art Lessons from You Are An Artist
Getting It All Done from Joy in the Journey

Print Books

(available for US/Canda participants only)
Homeschooling High School With College in Mind by Betsy Sproger
Mom Up by Kara-Kae James
Memory Making Mom by Jessica Smartt
He is Enough by Asheritah Ciuciu
Remarkable Faith by Shauna Letellier
Remarkable Hope by Shauna Letellier
Grace Like Scarlet by Adriel Booker
Loving Your Friend Through Cancer by Marissa Henley
Breaking the Fear Cycle by Maria Furlough
Images of His Beauty by Tracy Stell
He Gently Leads by Victoria Trecken
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls books 1 & 2 by M.J. Thomas
Dover American History Coloring & Activity Books


Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling Older Kids With Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet by Kendra Fletcher
Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day by Kendra Fletcher
Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas, volume 1 by iHomeschool Network
Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas, volume 2 by iHomeschool Network
How We Teach by iHomeschool Network
Homeschooling: How to Teach When You Want to Quit by iHomeschool Network
The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks by Heather Haupt
Manage the Mayhem of Motherhood: 52 Ideas to Help You Flourish by Emily Allen
What God is Doing (object Bible lessons) by Anne Marie Gosnell
How to Dig for Biblical Treasure by Tiffany Edmonds

Fun Extras

(available for US/Canda participants only)
$20 worth of Usborne books from Ashley Moore
Starbucks gift cards
Fear You Don’t Own Me t-shirt from Joy in the Journey

Why? Because the best parties have awesome party favors--no strings attached.
Hurry, we have a limited amount of space in the group and will be closing the doors on March 14, 2019!

***Edited***I am absolutely overwhelmed with the response I've received for my launch! We have reached our limit for the launch team and can no longer accept applicants. However, should you still want to grab the book early, head on over to one of the following retailers to pre-order and then let me know about it so that I can send you a free copy of The Quick-Start Guide to Brave Homeschooling. It will arrive in your inbox shortly before April 2nd.

Join the Homeschool Bravely Launch Team #homeschoolbravely

How else can I help?

Not able to be a part of the launch team? That’s Ok. You can still offer your support through prayer. Pray that this book reaches the hands of any homeschooling mother contemplating a forfeit—any mom who’s let her fears, faults, and failures hold her back from the courage that is hers for the taking in Christ.

And lastly, you can pre-order the book. Here’s the thing about ordering the book early: Pre-ordering a book, especially a book about home education, is how you tell a publisher that the message of the book matters to you. In pre-ordering, you are helping to ensure that publishers continue to give homeschooling topics a solid YES. For the cost of one book, you can influence the decision makers and remind them that homeschool mamas are a demographic worth noticing.

And what’s better, by pre-ordering, you’ll be able to snag my Quick-Start Guide to Brave Homeschooling Schedules for free! It’s full of my best tips and tricks for planning a school year. In this 52-page digital eGuide, I share some specific reasons why you should schedule your days (in case you need a little convincing), show you how to make a skeletal annual calendar, and give you a look-see at the four most popular types of daily schedules in order that you might be able to squeeze every bit of learning out of your homeschool day. It will tenderly walk you toward the finish line so that you don’t have to sprint there at full bore. By pre-ordering you’ll get two books (one print and one eGuide) for the price of one. Now you know I’ve never been BFFs with numbers, but a BOGO is definitely some math I can get behind. (If you've already pre-ordered, be sure to tell me so I can send that bonus during the launch.)

Let’s all help each other quiet the voices of “not good enough.” Thanks for celebrating with me today, friend, as I share this message that has been three years in the making. And happy homeschooling!


***Edited***I am absolutely overwhelmed with the response I've received for my launch! We have reached our limit for the launch team and can no longer accept applicants. However, should you still want to grab the book early, head on over to one of the following retailers to pre-order and then let me know about it so that I can send you a free copy of The Quick-Start Guide to Brave Homeschooling. It will arrive in your inbox shortly before April 2nd.

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