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5 Incredible Reasons to Roadschool Your Kids

5 Incredible Reasons to Roadschool Your Kids #Homeschool #Roadschooling #Wanderlust

Written by Chelsea Gonzales.

The number of full-time RVing families is on the rise. More folks are able to find remote work, and this means more people are hitting the road. However, this also means these RVing families must figure out how to educate their children.

Some wanderluster kids go to a public or private school during the school year and travel only during school breaks. However, far more of these students are taking up roadschooling: a nomadic version of homeschooling that incorporates travel experiences into a child’s education.

5 Incredible Reasons to Roadschool Your Kids #Homeschool #Roadschooling #Wanderlust

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As a homeschooling parent, you likely already have some idea of the benefits of field trips. Imagine, however, if your kids could field trip all year round? Think of all the additional perks they'd encounter through roadschooling. Here are just a few.

Help Knowledge Stick

Making learning fun means you’ve automatically made it more engaging as well. Everyone, kids especially, retain information better when they’re generally interested in the topic and are having fun learning about it.

Therefore, presenting a topic by taking a child to a hands-on museum or living history museum is much more effective. Additionally, showing him the beauty of the world by visiting national parks, or allowing him to witness physics in action on theme park rides, are both great ways to help the information stick.

Obviously, these are all things most homeschoolers can and do make a point of doing, but it’s all made much easier when you’re able to travel to hundreds of different educational attractions each year. For roadschoolers, finding a way to gain knowledge on-the-go becomes second nature.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Most homeschoolers want to instill good problem-solving skills in their children. After all, the ability to think outside the box is a huge asset that people in the workforce are going to need more and more in the coming years. Not only that, but these are the very skills that have led to the launch of many successful small businesses.

Obviously, homeschooling in and of itself presents many fabulous problem-solving and learning opportunities. But thanks to the ever-changing world of a full-time traveler, roadschooling offers its own unique forms of innovative and unconventional academia.

For instance, while out-and-about, your child may want to visit a particular expensive attraction. This request can be made into a learning opportunity. You just need to encourage him to find a way to earn enough money to pay for the outing. Not only does this help build his creative thinking and problem-solving skills, but it also provides opportunities for him to use more traditional subjects like math, reading, writing, and public speaking.

5 Incredible Reasons to Roadschool Your Kids #Homeschool #Roadschooling #Wanderlust

Broaden Your Child’s Ring of Friends

One of the biggest arguments against roadschooling and homeschooling, in general, is that kids don’t have the opportunity to socialize. This couldn't be further from the truth. Roadschooled kids are able to make friends all over the country, and they do so quickly and easily as they learn to adapt to people coming in and out of their lives each and every day.

Just like homeschoolers, roadschoolers aren’t limited to only friends their own age, but can choose to befriend a person many years older or younger than themselves. Additionally, roadschoolers have countless opportunities to find adult mentors in the many campgrounds they visit which can lead to learning some interesting and useful life skills.

On top of all that, there is an impressive growing community of RVing families on the road called Fulltime Families. By joining this amazing tribe, roadschoolers will have friends wherever they go.

Increase Awareness and Acceptance

Traveling really helps a person get a feel for their place in the world. It gives one an opportunity to see things from different perspectives, and this, in turn, helps create more acceptance and awareness of people from all walks of life.

5 Incredible Reasons to Roadschool Your Kids #Homeschool #Roadschooling #Wanderlust

Grow Closer as a Family

Living, working, and schooling in an RV means living in super tight quarters with family. While this is frustrating at times, it can also be a wonderful chance to grow closer as a family unit.

With so few walls (if any) dividing the various members of an RV-dwelling family, they end up spending much more time talking, laughing, and playing together. Often, the parent’s share their work with their kids, and the kids always share their work with their parents. In this way, everyone becomes much more devoted to one another.

Admittedly, Roadschooling isn't for everyone. But, perhaps, it is for you. Whether you're going across the street or across the country, learning adventures await!

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