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How to Have a Not-Back-to-School Month

How to Have a Not-Back-to-School Month #homeschool

Written by Chelsea Gonzales.

The public schools are all starting their fall semesters and much of the world is bright with the possibility brought on by a new school year.

As a homeschool mom, walking through the seasonal aisles at Target can be a bit deflating right about now. You see all the adorable backpacks and lunch boxes--things your kids may not ever get to use. Pair that with watching your Facebook newsfeed fill up with all the super cute photos of kids going back to school, and you’re likely to feel a bit left out. Your kids probably feel the same.

Luckily, there are plenty of worthwhile ways for a homeschooler to celebrate NOT having to go to school! Try doing a few of these fun things this first month to get your year off to a great start.

How to Have a Not-Back-to-School Month #homeschool

Take Some “Not-Back-to-School” Photos

There’s really no reason to skip out on the first-day-of-school photo craze. Instead, join in the fun with your own “not-back-to-school” photos.

These can be as serious as everyone else’s and include signs and cute outfits. Or you can choose to be silly and take photos of your kids in their jammies and full-on bed head. Either way, you’ll have a fun photo to treasure for years to come, and you’ll get to share your kids’ cute faces with family and friends.

How to Have a Not-Back-to-School Month

Enjoy Low Crowd Levels

One of the extra perks of homeschooling is the ability to visit local attractions when crowd levels are at their lowest, and the beginning of the school year is quite possibly the lowest crowd season of them all. Start the year with a visit to your local science museum or zoo. Not only will you have a lot of fun and get to enjoy the uncrowded spaces, you’ll gently put your kids back into the learning mindset.

Stock Up on Clearance Supplies

Another fringe benefit about having the flexible schedule of a homeschooler is the potential to hold off on buying supplies for the year. School supplies almost always go on clearance for next-to-nothing once all the neighborhood schools are back in session.

Go ahead and wait it out and then stock up on everything you need for the year without even making a dent in your homeschool budget.

Make Big Plans

As you head back into your homeschool year, be sure to talk with your kiddos about their plans. Allowing them to follow their interests is an awesome advantage of homeschooling. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to find out what your kids would like to study, what kinds of projects they might want to do, and what places they are interested in visiting throughout the year.

Ease Into It

The flexible schedule of homeschooling allows you the ability to start off slow. Many kids are reluctant to let go of the freedom that summer break brings. However, starting school doesn’t have to be a huge fight.

Instead, ease into the school year with a soft open. Maybe do one piece of curriculum and add in other pieces as time goes on, or choose to work only a few days a week at first.

Create Your Own Traditions

Just because the yellow bus doesn't stop at your front door on the first day of school doesn't mean that you can't celebrate the day. There are plenty of activities you can do each and every year to build first day memories for you and yours. Here are just a few to get you started>>> 

In the end, do what works for your family. Don’t let the norms of public school dictate when summer fun should end for your family. Celebrate NOT-back-to-school!

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