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Top Resources for Developing a Christian Worldview of Current Events

Top Resources for Developing a Christian Worldview of Current Events #homeschool #parenting

Written by Abby of 4onemore.com.

As a Christian parent, it can sometimes be difficult to keep my kids informed about current events. So many headlines are frightening, gritty, and brimming with adult themes. And while I want my kids to experience the world, I don't want them to be crushed by it. Rather, I want to give them bite-sized chunks of history-in-the-making and teach them to view current culture through a Christian worldview.

That's why I love the resources from WORLD Newsgroup.

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By bringing NPR-styled reporting from a biblical perspective, WORLD Newsgroup fills a gap in the market. They also have resources for every grade level, allowing even the youngest kids to hear age-appropriate discussions related to culture and the news.

Even if your budget is tight, you can find a resource to use in your homeschool. Some of these are paid subscriptions, and some, like podcasts, are free!

Let me tell you how we've used current events in our homeschool this year, how we’re changing it up next year, and where you can find options specific to your budget and your kids’ grade levels.

Top Resources for Developing a Christian Worldview of Current Events #homeschool #parenting

Our experience with WORLD teen magazine

I purchased a one-year subscription to their bi-monthly print news magazine, using gift money from grandparents. This has given me online access to their teacher’s guides, quizzes, and comprehension sheets, whenever I choose to use them.

WORLD Teen is geared toward 6th-9th grades, but I can tell that my 9th grader would probably enjoy the regular WORLD magazine more, as the teen magazine seems to be too simplistic for him on some topics.

Once weekly, my kids read an article from WORLD and do a response assignment. We keep all the magazines in plastic sleeves in a 3-ring binder.

After choosing which article interests them, they read it and then write a summary, response, or cause and effect paragraph about the topic. I ask them questions about what they’ve read, giving us all a chance to discuss some current news stories.

How I will use WORLD resources in the future

The print magazine is a nice option for those of us who prefer opening a physical product and reading from paper rather than a screen. There is something to be said for cuddling on the couch and catching up with your news magazine, rather than reading it on your device.

However, in an effort to be more thrifty in our homeschool, I am going digital next year. My middle school and high schoolers will listen to The World and Everything In It podcast instead of reading the print magazine.

One additional resource I'll be adding is the WORLD magazine archives, with issues going all the way back to 1986! This will be useful for research into history, science, and technology topics to see how things have changed or for finding contemporary source material.

Top Resources for Developing a Christian Worldview of Current Events #homeschool #parenting

The World and Everything In It Podcast

This is a daily podcast which airs each weekday. I have begun listening to these faithfully and find so much good content in each episode to discuss with my kids.

I especially enjoy the Legal Docket on Mondays. The hosts include audio snippets of Supreme Court deliberations, which have been so insightful. Listeners get to hear the justices process through the arguments of a case. Most Americans aren’t aware of the current cases before the Supreme Court, but this podcast keeps me up-to-date on important developments which will ultimately affect each one of us.

I also highly recommend the Breakpoint Podcast, which was founded by Chuck Colson in 1991 as a daily radio broadcast. The Breakpoint Podcast is a nice supplement to the WORLD podcast because it provides a more in-depth commentary on the news stories. It covers stories that are vital to the church in this cultural moment.

So if you already choose a curriculum with a Christian worldview, but have not yet added a specific current events component into your homeschool, you should check out the resources listed below. We all live in this particular time of history and would be wise to be aware of changing policies and national news stories that would affect both our faith and our culture.

"The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it."
Psalm 24:1

Resource List

World Newsgroup
WORLD Magazine Archives

WORLD by Grade Level (membership required)

God’s Big World PreK – 1
This print magazine has 8 weekly pull-out lessons, providing you and your child and chance to interact with a story one day a week.

WorldKids 2nd-5th
This print magazine includes fun categories like Science Soup, Time Machine, Critter File, and CitizenShip. Interesting topics and articles are included that can be used to connect to your studies in science, history, or art and to provide a foundation for looking at the world from a biblical perspective.

World Teen 6th-9th
The World and Everything In It podcast
Breakpoint podcast

Other Resources for Developing a Christian Worldview

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  1. We listen to a free online weekly broadcast called the Bible in theNews at http://www.bibleinthenews.com/Podcasts we like it because it is short yet related to current events. Hope you find that helpful!