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Best Books for Little House on the Prairie Fans

She's been called one of most influential children's authors in American history. Laura Ingalls Wilder and her beloved pioneer series have been capturing the hearts of young readers for nearly a century, including my daughter.

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I remember snuggling on the couch years ago with my then 2-year-old girl and enjoying the Little House picture books together. Those simple illustrated stories lit a spark in her for pretend prairie play. She spent many days wearing a bonnet and eating her weight in homemade molasses candy. By her fifth birthday, she and I were reading the original chapter books and she requested to have a Little House on the Prairie-themed party to introduce Laura to her real-life friends.

Eventually, my daughter and I came to the end of the series, and while we could have reread any and all of them, we decided to seek out other books with similar 19th-century, pioneering themes.

If you, too, have a Little House fan who has exhausted each and every title of the series, here is a list of books that might continue their reading pleasure.

Fan Fiction

The following are collections of fan fiction books written by modern-day authors that tell the stories of the women who came before and after Laura in her family line. 

The Martha Years (Books 1-4) Laura's great-grandmother Martha Glencaraid learns to be a young lady of manners in 18th-century Scotland.

The Charlotte Years (Books 1-4) The bustling city of Boston is home to Charlotte Tucker, Laura's grandmother, who must face the hardships of the War of 1812.

The Caroline Years (Books 1-7) Brookfield, Wisconsin is home to a young Caroline Quiner who slowly matures through the series and eventually meets a handsome fiddle-playing neighbor named Charles Ingalls.

The Rose Years (Books 1-5) Rose Wilder is the often tenacious, only daughter of Almanzo and Laura Wilder. She travels the country, experiences much national change, and learns to stand on her own two feet.

Old Town in the Green Groves- Find out what happened to Laura in the two missing years between On the Banks of Plum Creek and By The Shores of Silver Lake. 

Book Series

The following are books in a series that were written by authors who have a similar writing style to that of Ms. Wilder and that have the pioneer and turn-of-the-century themes that her Little House books are known for. 

Betsy-Tacy (Books 1-10) Meet three best girl friends living in the midwest. Follow their lives all the way from young childhood to marriage in this much-loved series by another critically-acclaimed American author Maud Hart Lovelace.

Sarah, Plain and Tall (Books 1-5) After answering an advertisement, Sarah leaves her home in Maine, heads to the prairie, and becomes wife and mother to a family desperately in need of a woman's care. But prairie life isn't what she expected. (Sarah, Plain and Tall is my most favorite middle-grade fiction book of all time! After you read the book, watch the movie.)

In Grandma's Attic (Books 1-4) Keepsakes and memorabilia spark conversations between a young girl and her grandmother. The entire series has grandma reminiscing about days gone by.

Fairchild Family Story (Books 1-4) Follow the lives of the Fairchild family and the simple misadventures of childhood at the turn-of-the-century.

Turkey Red (Books 1-2) Can a newly immigrated Mennonite family from Russia survive the harsh and lonely conditions of the prairie?

Individual Titles

The following are stand-alone titles that were written by authors who have a similar writing style to that of Ms. Wilder and that have the pioneer and turn-of-the-century themes that her Little House books are known for. 

The Cabin Faced West- Ann Hamilton misses her home in Gettysburg. Life in the pioneer west of Pennsylvania seems pretty uneventful until she gets a surprise visit from General Washington.

The Lumber Camp Library- A lumber camp is no place for a growing girl. So, 8-year-old Ruby is sent to school. While there, she learns to love books.

My daughter has since expanded her literary pallet and now loves fantasy more than any other genre. But, I like to think that it was Laura Ingalls Wilder and her simple stories of family-life that lit the fire in my daughter for stories of all kinds.

Looking for more lists like this?

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  1. Oh! I got so discouraged at first because we've already read almost all of these books, but then I found one we haven't--Turkey Red. Thanks for the lead. :) I'm putting a hold on this one at our library immediately.

    1. It's a very simple story. I've not read the sequel, but I'm assuming it's very similar.

  2. I love this post. My daughter is a HUGE Laura fan. Thanks for all these good recommendations! Putting some of these she hasn't read on hold at the library now!

    1. Yeah! Happy reading. You'll have to let me know which ones you end up liking most.

    2. She is flying through these books. Cabin Faced West and In Grandma's Attic are a few of her faves on this list. Lumber Camp Library and The Caroline Years are now new favorites. Great summer reading!

  3. Have you read In Care of the Conductor?

  4. Such a lovely list. We are only on The Banks of Plum Creek and already wondering what to read when the series is done. Now we know! Thank you kindly.

    1. So glad it was helpful for you. Happy reading!