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3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Curriculum choices for a 3rd grade homeschooler

My son is a little naturalist. To say that he has a way with animals is quite the understatement. He's an animal whisperer. So far in his seven short years, he's rescued a cedar waxwing, a morning dove, a Downy woodpecker, a common redpoll, numerous frogs and toads, and a rabbit that have all been injured and left for dead. He's nursed each of them back to health and has set them free. 

When selecting curriculum for him, I try to keep that love for animals and wildlife in mind. 

Here's what he'll be learning this year.
(Items with an asterisk indicate a new-to-us resource. Because we don't homeschool on Tuesdays, all subjects will be completed four times a week unless otherwise indicated.)

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Content-rich subjects

As in year's past, he will do a lot of his content-rich subjects like Morning timehistory, world geography, science, art, and composer study with the rest of the family. You can see all of those subjects and curriculum choices here>>>

Personal Devotions- every day

ESV Holy Bible for Kids

God's Amazing Creatures & Me**


The White Stallion
Meet George Washington
The Courage of Sarah Noble
  • If he's not currently working through an LLATL suggested book, he will read a chapter from a book that I assign to him. These will be classics, biographies, or exceptional fiction.



  • Draw Write Now 7**- (2x a week) Instead of purchasing the Reason for Handwriting Transition book which incorporates both print and cursive writing like I have done in the past when teaching third grade, I purchased the cursive only edition and will use this Draw Write Now to help him review his printing skills. I thought he'd enjoy this particular book because it combines his two most favorite things in the world, animals and drawing. 


World View- 1x a week

Critical Thinking- 1x a week

Typing- 1x a week

  • He will continue to be a child-of-the-day and help me make lunch and dinner once a week. 
  • Wipe down the bathroom sink, shelves, and toilet every day after lunch.
  • Weed/harvest the tomato patch through the fall.
  • Feed his fish.
  • Vacuum the living room as needed. 
  • Sort the laundry with his older brother as needed.
  • Put his own clean laundry away each week.
  • Dust the house on big-chore days with his brothers.
  • Help clean the boys' room and make his bed each day.

One of my most favorite things to do as a homeschool mom is to lean into the natural gifts and passions of each of my kids. By incorporating as many animal-themed resources as I can into my son's year, I'm valuing what he values and nurturing the spark that is already there.


  1. I have a child like this, too. Isn't it wonderful to watch them develop this marvelous gift!?!?