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Best of The Unlikely Homeschool 2016

Read the top 12 posts of The Unlikely Homeschool from 2016

2016 has been a year of growth for The Unlikely Homeschool. We've been joined by three regular contributing writers. Jessica, Beth from Eat Write Repeat, and Gretchen from Gretchen Ronnevik have each added their own unique and inspiring layers to our journey together.

Their honest stories of struggles and strengths combined with the thoughts of many other homeschooling moms around the globe have helped to encourage and equip all of us to keep doing this crazy little thing called homeschooling.

Thank you so much for joining the four of us here week-in and week-out for a good shot in the arm. In case you missed any of the party, here are the 15 most popular posts that helped to steer our conversations in 2016.

How to Make a Boy HATE Reading in 7 Easy Steps

Confessions of a Homeschool Convert

10 Board Games for Homeschoolers

Back-to-Homeschool Shopping List

Morning Basket Resources for Protestant Homeschoolers

The Year of Hygge for Homeschooling

5 Simple Ways to Ruin Your Homeschool {And What to Do Instead}

A Day in the Life of My Homeschool

10 Simple Things to Do to Revive a Boring Homeschool Day {in 10 Minutes or less}

Big Fat List of Back-to-Homeschool Traditions

What Comes After Homeschooling{a graduate's perspective}

I'm Not an Unschooler...and Here's Why

 Homeschool Curriculum 2016-2017

Myths of the Homeschooling Mom

Top 12 Podcasts for Christian Homeschooling Moms

It's been a great year! And I look forward to walking along side you in 2017. Be sure to join me on FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle +Youtube, or Pinterest.

I can't promise you riveting or earth-shattering. But honest and candid? That I can do!

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