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MUST HAVE Bible Study Resources for HOMESCHOOLED Tween & Teen Girls

MUST HAVE Bible Study Resources for HOMESCHOOLED Tween & Teen Girls- This is a no twaddle list specifically chosen for homeschooled girls

"Mom, I like it fine. But, it's just kind of...well...fluffy," she said one day when we were discussing her personal devotions. And it was true. The devotional book my daughter was currently working through lacked depth. Finding meaty resources for her had been difficult, to say the least. 

So many of the devotional books that line the shelves of the local Christian bookstore are, as she said, full of fluff. On top of that, most are written for girls facing the public school struggles of catty girlfriends, negative peer pressure, and boy trouble...none of which apply to her. 

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While popular tween/teen devotional books such the One Year Book of Devotionals for Girls and the One Year Be-tween You and God are certainly much-needed resources for the average tween/teen girl. They don't necessarily make for the best Bible studies for my daughter or other homeschooled girls.

In the same way that a Bible study book written specifically for single mothers, new Believers, or rock climbers is not right for me because I'm not a single mother, a new Believer, or a rock climber, a devotional written for the average public-schooled girl is not right for my daughter because she homeschools. She approaches life with a different set of struggles and strengths. They are not better or worse...just different.

It's true, God's Word is right for everyone, no matter the age or stage. But, as Paul says so eloquently in 1 Corinthians 9: 22b,

"I have become all things to all men, that I may by all means save some."
God has a specific RHEMA word for each of us no matter where we are on our faith journey. 

While I know devotional books are not necessary and that God's Word is certainly more than enough all by itself, I also know that sometimes a little bit of purposeful direction can help to unveil that RHEMA truth for each of us. 

So, when hunting for devotionals for my daughter, I went looking for resources that would meet her specific needs. I wanted books that would give her more than just a "cute" story with a verse slapped in the margin. I wanted books that would encourage her to dive deep into the Word, not just gloss over it with a quirky life application served up on a bedazzled page. I wanted books that would teach and train her towards Godliness and righteous living.  

I found five. And here they are.

MUST HAVE Bible Study Resources 

Discover 4 Yourself series- This is an inductive Bible study series that tackles particular books of the Bible. While there is some life-application included, the majority of each study focuses on dissecting the book line by line. (This one is written in workbook style which my daughter does not necessarily like. But for tween girls that enjoy that type of learning, I'd highly recommend the series.)

Bible Studies by Amy Byrd- These are workbook style studies written for teen girls and are similar to Beth Moore's Bible studies. Like Moore's studies, they are designed for small group study but can be done by one person also. 

Journeys of Faithfulness- Written by the then homeschooled teenage daughter of Clay and Sally Clarkson of Whole Heart Ministries, this book details the journeys of four women of the Bible and is absolutely twaddle-free! Don't let the drab and dated cover fool you. This is a lovely read. (This would be great for older tweens and teens. It is currently out of print, but can be purchased used since it is not a workbook.)

Appleseeds- Originally designed to be the companion guide to the Appleseeds mentorship class, this book is a great devotional resource with lots of appropriate life applications drawn directly from Scripture. It challenges a girl to examine her own heart and the relationships she has with God, her family, and others. (This books is perfectly designed for homeschooled tween girls. There are no school scenarios included.)

Bright Lights Discipleship series- Designed to be used in a group setting or individually, these discipleship booklets were originally written by an older homeschooled teen who desired to disciple young tween girls in her church and homeschool circles. She's now all grown-up (She's actually my exact age!) and continues to minister to tweens and teens all around the world through her Bright Lights conferences. My daughter and I had the privilege of attending one a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it! (Companion CDs are also available. This series is geared towards tweens.)

The Greatest Book You've Never Read- Written by a homeschooled teen for an English credit in high school, this book is filled with a challenge to fall in love with God's Word. Although it is a chapter book and not necessarily written in the typical devotional format, I think it would make for a great chapter-a-day kind of study. (I'd rate this book most appropriate for older tweens to teens. The author is currently working on a devotional specifically for teen girls.)

A final word

In this hyper-sexualized age, discipling a girl towards Godliness and right living is tricky. So many devotionals begin with the assumption that girls are catty, hate their parents, and think the Bible is boring. But, my daughter was made for more than that. She deserves better. And so does yours. Our girls deserve all of the Gospel, not just the fun, glittery parts. They deserve the chance to know God deeply and to learn foundational theology early.

One day I went looking for more. And I found it in these five resources.


  1. Thank you so much! I agree with your comment at the end of your post. That is what I dislike about most devotionals and other materials. My daughter does not fit that category at all, she is a lovely young lady who loves the Lord, loves her family, and I want to encourage that. Thanks for sharing these resources! I will look into them soon.

    1. You're welcome, Gabrielle. I hope you find one that will be a blessing to your daughter.

  2. Just wanted to share another awesome book with you "Noble Girlhood" by Tiffany Schlichter. Topics in the book include becoming daughters of victory, devotion, wisdom, beauty, and much more. Written by Tiffany when she was only 16, the book is gracious and insightful for girls ages 10 and up. Truly a terrific resource and my girls all loved this personal devotional book.... Check it out - https://www.amazon.com/Girlhood-Becoming-Daughter-Victory-Virtue/dp/1598724185

  3. Thank you, thank you! My heart resonates with everything you said, and these resources sound like just what I need for my 12 & 14 year old girls. I really appreciate you taking the time to research and share your findings.

  4. Thank you so much for this. I have a devotional for my tween that has been sitting on the shelf because I did not know how to approach it with my daughter because after skimming through it most if not all the scenario's were based in a public school setting and being homeschooled she does not face those same challenges and I had gotten discouraged and I asked and God led me here. Thank you so much for sharing this journey. God bless you

    1. It's hard to find any devos that are full of public school scenarios. Hopefully you'll be able to find something you like on this list.

  5. I have written and published a Bible study book for teen girls titled “is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?” It’s a topical study focusing on the common struggles that young girls face, such as Purity, Contentment, Having the Right Responses and Hypocrisy. More information can be found at www.preceptpublishing.com.

    1. Thank you for that suggestion, Karen, and for the link.

  6. Do you have a similar list for teen boys?

    1. Not at this time--mostly because there are so very few. Discover 4 Yourself books are actual gender neutral. I also like Unshakable Hope by Max Lucado. It's a devo for students.