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What We're Reading in June 2015

What We're Reading in June 2015 {The Unlikely Homeschool}

The summer library reading program has officially commenced and a couple of the kiddos have already earned their first prizes. Granted, I don't believe a "carrot" will ever produce lifetime readers...only good books can do that. But, since they're reading anyway, my kids might as well get a free ice cream cone or a new gel pen out of the deal, right?!

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Here's what we're reading this month...

(Since the school year is complete, I've updated everyone's grade levels to reflect the coming school year.)

Read Aloud- Everybody

Star of Light- I remember reading the lovely trilogy by Patricia St. John when I was a young teen. While the themes were sometimes quite sad, I remember how they always pointed to truth and redemption. I am looking forward to many post-storytime discussions with my kids as we unpack the gravity of life as seen through the pages of this childhood favorite.

Jamie- that's me!

Breaking the Bonds of Legalism- I will be speaking at a women's event in August...sharing my testimony and a little teaching from Luke and Mark in hopes of reminding all who attend that they are ENOUGH in Christ...more than enough! I am currently reading this book for some of my research. 

I'm almost done with it and will soon begin reading Good News for Wearing Women for more research. 

Sweetie Pea- 7th grade

Old Yeller- Through the summer, I will not be assigning my daughter to any particular books. She has a stack of titles that she is desperate to get to, and I want to encourage her in her personal read-for-pleasure efforts. 

Super Boy- 4th grade

We Were There at the Battle of Gettysburg- (Mom-assigned book) He's only one chapter into this new-to-us title and so far it has been a bit disappointing. There are many difficult-to-pronounce names of historical locations and war leaders to weed through. But once he gets past the basic introductory chapters, I'm sure he will enjoy it more.

Tom and Ricky and the Secret Staircase- (Just-for-fun book) This is just one in an old Hardy Boys-esque mystery series for younger boys. The paperback versions called The Tom and Ricky Mysteries are out of print and are difficult to find (We've borrowed several from a friend.), but they are all available in digital format on Amazon.

Blonde Warrior- 3rd grade

A Question of Yams- (Mom-assigned book) It's not often I come upon a missionary story for young readers. While this is not entirely biographical, it is based on real events.

Greased Lightning- 1st grade

The Pup Speaks Up- This is just one of many reader-type books that he will be reading this month. I usually have him re-read the same story a few times before moving on to another one. 

What's on your bookshelf this month?

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