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What We're Reading in January 2015

What We're Reading in January {The Unlikely Homeschool}

Our January started across the country with a trip to the Southwest. To escape -40 windchill, we left the day after Christmas and didn't get home until well after the year began. While one might think that a lot of reading would happen on a vacation, it didn't. We were way too busy most of the time. And although we logged over 3600 miles in a borrowed SUV together, some of the kids suffer from car sickness...'nough said!
Me, on the other hand...
I did lots of reading. Finished two books, as a matter of fact. Thanks for asking!

So, while some of our books for the month are different from those listed on last month's list, many of them are the same.
But hey, that's OK.
How can you ever expect a kid to read when there's meteor craters to look into, mountains to climb, and wild west cowboys to meet?!

Now that we're home, we are back in the saddle again with our reading. (So sorry about the "back in the saddle" bit. I was in cowpoke territory for nearly two weeks. I can't be held accountable for this or any other western-ese that might happen to come out in the next few days. But, I digress...)

Here's what we're reading this month.

Read Aloud- Everybody

The Sign of the Beaver- At the recommendation of dozens of Blog readers, we began this book just before Christmas. We have only a few pages left to read and will be sad to say goodbye to Matt and his heroic adventures with his Native American friend, Attean.

Jamie-That's Me!

The Heritage of Lancaster County Trilogy- This is a HUUUUUGE departure from the non-fiction I normally read. But while on vacation, I came to the end of my "pack for the trip" book much sooner than I had expected. In desperation for something...ANYTHING...to read for the four day journey back home, I grabbed the first book in this series and plunged into the lives of a fictional Amish family. After book 1, I was sort of required by all the "book reading laws" to see the series through to the end. And so, I'm currently trudging my way through book 2. I'm probably gonna move onto something a bit meatier before reading book 3, though. We shall see... 

Sweetie Pea- 6th grade

A Girl's Guide to Understanding Boys- (Mom assigned book) This is the last in a series of four books that I have intentionally planned for my daughter during these very pivotal pre-teen years. While the title and cover seems to imply that this is just another tween-girl-has-a-crush-on-boys book, it is not...AT ALL. It is actually a very Biblical look at how a young lady is to act around the opposite sex and how she should expect to be treated in return.

Redwall- (Read-for-fun book)

Super Boy- 3rd Grade

Henry and Ribsy- (Mom assigned book) Although my son seems to really enjoy the misadventures of Henry and his dog, he gets quite discouraged about the length of the chapters. They are very good, but as with most Beverly Cleary fiction, they are very long.

Space- (Read for fun book) My science boy has always clamored for anything about outer space. The telescope he was gifted while visiting his great uncle (an amateur astronomer) on our vacation has certainly added fuel to that raging fire. This title is one in a WONDERFUL series of boy-type adventure books that my sons received for Christmas.

Blonde Warrior- 2nd Grade

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain- (Mom assigned book) I absolutely love this simple classic and have passed it down to each of my kids so far. It's such an innocent and captivating story about a little boy lost in the woods WITH BEARS...or so he thinks!

Spying- (Read for fun book) This is another in the boy-type adventure books that my boys received. This one details the secret life and work of spies. I'd tell you more, but it's top secret.

Greased Lightning- Kindergarten

Scholastic Phonics Ready Readers- This is a series of graduated phonics readers that come in multiple boxed sets. He's on the last book of set 2 of the series. 

So partner (Sorry...that's the last one. I hope.), we'll have our noses in books for the next few weeks, bundled up against the cold. Sadly, out of the many souvenirs I was able to stash away in our luggage for our trip back home, the southwestern sunshine was not one of them. 

Mosey on back real soon, now, 'ya hear?! (Clearly I need some kind of vacation debriefing. Is there a number I can call?)

Whatcha' reading this month?


  1. You've got some great books on that list! I really like Dannah Gresh's books too and plan to use them when my daughter is a bit older.

    We're smack-dab in the middle of reading the 2nd book in the 'Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom' series - very fun books!

    1. Yes. I have liked all of the Dannah Gresh books we've read. Definitely bookmark them for "someday."

  2. I've been enjoying Dannah Gresh's books too, thanks to you! I can't wait for my girls to be able to read them.

    I would also love for you to give a review of Tapestry of Grace. I have heard it can be an overwhelming curriculum, but it sounds like TOG hasn't crowded out your family's love for reading other pleasure books. I know it might be early to tell, but any initial thoughts (either good or bad) would be very helpful. Would you consider doing this in the near future? Thank you!

    1. I've actually got that in the works...hopefully in the coming weeks. We actually moved on to PLAN B because Tapestry of Grace was just not working for us...for a few reasons.

      Glad you like the Dannah Gresh books.

  3. I always enjoy reading your book lists, they give me ideas for my kiddos so thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad to talk books with anyone willing to listen!!

  4. Ditto Coreline. These are some of my favorite posts from you. I have a second grade boy and your suggestions are great.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. These are always my favorite posts to write.

  5. We are currently knee deep in a Kansas study since KS day is coming up on the 29th. We are on the 3rd book in the "Sarah Plain & Tall " series for our read-aloud time. Thanks to your post awhile back I found the last 2 books of the 5 in that series at our local library. My girls just love the books! We are also reading some non-fiction books about Kansas & our local county.
    My 9yr. old just finished reading the Nat. Geographic for kids books "Rocks & Minerals" and one about dogs,I cant' remember the exact title. I just finished reading a book titled "Next Years Country" . It was written by a woman in Northern Montana. The book is about her life growing up on a ranch & then becoming a rancher's wife. All I can say is those people are dedicated to the land & the hardest working people I know! It was very interesting. Thanks for some more great book suggestions! I always enjoy your post. :)

    1. Ooooo...Sarah, Plain and Tall...some of our favorites too! Surprisingly, even my boys like them.

      I've not heard of Next Years Country, but it sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to look into that one.

  6. My boys get frustrated by the length of the chapters in Beverly Cleary's books too. It is a bit insane to have a 180-page book only have 6 chapters, lol.

    Here's our reading list this month:


    1. Like your list. I've not heard of Elijah. What do you think of it? My kids loved Farmer Boy. We're thinking of reading The Long Winter next. Can't decide.

    2. I'm still getting up the gumption to start it :/ Have to do it soon, though. It's 24 chapters and book club is next week. I'll try to remember to come back and let you know :).

  7. Hi.. I was wondering how you choose your read aloud books? I am always lost when I go to the library. Sometimes I pick books that my girls (8&10) don't like. Thanks and I am enjoying looking through and reading your blog!

  8. Love these suggestions! My tween and I are working through Dannah Gresh's devotion right now.