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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 Homeschool Blogs You May Not Be Reading But SHOULD Be

5 Homeschool Blogs You May Not Be Reading But SHOULD Be {The Unlikely Homeschool}

While I absolutely love writing this blog and have found so much encouragement in the community surrounding The Unlikely Homeschool, prior to finding my little place on the web, I never really read blogs.

Nope.  Scratch that.

I read two blogs...TWO.

The first was...and still is...the private blog of one of my dear friends...it's a quirky little chronicle of her faith and family.  But, that's reasonable.  I KNOW her and I LOVE her.  Two very good reasons to invest my time in her words.

The second was a deal-finding site. Over the years, I've randomly chimed in to read of great shopping sales to stretch my dollar and make one-income living a bit more attainable.

That was it.  Just TWO BLOGS.

But in the last few years, I've come to see blogs and on-line communities as in-home career training resources in my calling as wife, mother, and homeschooler. Through them, I have been encouraged, challenged, and inspired towards making this journey even better.

That being said, as a busy momma-of-five deep in the everyday trenches of homeschooling, my time is limited.  My moments are valuable and have to be invested with purpose...in things that really matter.  In the noise and flash of the internet, it's easy to find the BIG NAME Homeschool blogs like Simple Homeschool with its gentle call to simplicity and intentionality...or Free Homeschool Deals, because let's face it, who doesn't like FREE?!

But, there are so many others...so many unassuming blogs tucked obscurely between the blinking lights of the BIG NAMERS...hidden gems of truth and transparency just waiting to be discovered.

If, like me, your time is limited but you'd like some daily direction to this crazy thing called HOMESCHOOLING from every day mommas sharing their triumphs and tragedies...might I suggest a few good blogs.

I've chosen five with purpose.  And here they are in no particular order...

Blog, She Wrote

When I grow up, I want to be a homeschool momma just like Heather!  She has clearly tapped into the gifts and passions of each of her kids and tailors their days to their God-given bents.  To be honest, I kind of have a blog-crush on Blog, She Wrote and the culture of homeschooling within its pages.  

Hip Homeschool Moms

Ok...Ok...I'm a little biased here because I used to be a contributing writer to this eclectic look at all-things-homeschooling.  But, trust me when I say, this is a site worth investing your time.  Written by a few dozen different homeschool veterans of all walks of life, Hip Homeschool Moms is a lovely buffet of the "there's-no-one-size-fits-all-homeschool" mantra.

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

This veteran homeschool mom of three is the comic relief to a plethora of on-line seriousness.  While I appreciate the wisdom Kris brings to her readers, I am most drawn to the fact that she does not take herself too seriously and offers a tongue-and-cheek look at the chaos of living and learning.

Our Journey Westward

This is a go-to site for project-based learning and unit studies.  Cindy has packed her entire blog with enriching learning extras for all ages.  She offers up a level of creativity that most of us "average sort" need to move us onward and upward.

Hodge Podge

Tricia Hodges is the tender whisper of wisdom that every young momma needs.  I've heard her speak a few times in on-line interviews and find myself being lulled into a deep breath by her sweet southern "momma voice."  Her calm and gentle resolve is painted all over her blog and gives this somewhat spastic momma hope that with time, I CAN grow out of my audacious ways. She's a mother with method.  And don't we all need a little bit of that?!

So, there's a peek into my favorites.  
What blogs would you add to my list?


  1. I haven't seen Our Journey Westward before so thank you for this. As an English home educator, I enjoy the blog of my fellow countrywoman, Angellicscalliwags. http://angelicscalliwags.com/

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to check it out.

    2. Angelic Scaliwags she is so creative! Her school seems to be so lively, she seems like the British equivalent of Susan Evans.

  2. Love all these you listed. I also like Confessions of a Homeschoolers. Btw, it was your blog and the one I listed that really helped me with starting our homeschool journey. It also gave me the guts to start my own blog on the topic. http://ofsparrowsandbutterflies.blogspot.com

  3. Jamie - I love your giving heart! Thank you for encouraging and spurring us homeschool mamas on. What a privilege and honor to be listed here with these ladies.

  4. Thank you for including my blog! And, I second the suggestion of Angelicscalliwags. Great stuff!

    1. You're more than welcome. You've got a great site. Well-worth sharing.

  5. Well, I love to read the Unlikely Homeschool!! I've also always, always, loved Raising Arrows. I've read Amy's site since before I even knew was a blog was. And Kris's site, as you mentioned, read it since the "olden days" back in 2008. ;) xoxo

    1. Thanks for chiming in "Miss Big Namer!" Always love it when you step over my way. Thanks for all you do to keep it cheap for the rest of us.

      Yes, Raising Arrows is one of my faves too.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'd love to have homeschoolers with boys read my blog as well: www.homeschool-your-boys.com. I try to include lots of information to help people not only understand but to ENJOY raising (and homeschooling) their boys! :)

  7. How about confessions of a homeschooler? You two must have the same blog designer.

    1. Too funny. I'll have to check it out. I don't know who did the design for that one or how we're similar, but my wonderful husband did my design. He's an art director for an ad agency.

  8. I love your blog! And I find that I constantly come back to it for inspiration and ideas. Thank you for sharing your ideas and stories with everyone.

    If you find yourself bored, please check out the website that I use to keep everyone posted about our own experiences with homeschooling. I would greatly love to have at least someone out there paying attention! :) http://thetr3asures.weebly.com.

    Thanks again!

  9. I'm partial to Simplyhomeschoolliving.net. largely because I write it 😊

  10. Thanks for the shout out to HHM. Their blog helped me tremendously when I first started homeschooling, so I feel so privileged to be among their writers. :) Like others have said, I love Amy Robert's Raising Arrows. But I honestly rank your blog right up there with the best of them! You share a lot of great information and so many good, practical homeschooling tips. Your "What We're Reading" posts are some of my favorites. And I loved the library you put together for your kids! I'm still dreaming of a space like that...

    1. Yes. I'd definitely rank Raising Arrows up in the top slots too! Thanks for the kind words.