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What We're Reading in July 2014

What We're Reading in July {The Unlikely Homeschool}

The warm July sunshine has found us all outside for most of our days.  But, that hasn't stopped us from getting cozy with a few good books.  You can find us reading at the beach, in the hammock, or even under a tent on the lawn that's been MacGyvered from an old bed sheet and some long sticks (Sweetie Pea's current favorite outdoor reading spot).  

Through this busy-soaking-in-the-sun month, I haven't assigned any particular books to my kids.  While I've put forth several title suggestions for inspiration, for the most part, I've let them choose their own reading material.
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Here's a quick peek at what we're reading these days.  

Read Aloud- everybody

Kildee House- We're only one chapter in but so far, my animal lovin' crew is really enjoying this book.  It's a simple story about a naturalist who hermits himself into a tiny house that he built in the middle of the Red Wood forest only to find his home quickly overtaken by critters all seeking shelter and companionship.  

Jamie- that's me!

At the start of July, I flew through two quick reads.  The first was Large Family Logistics (I was quite underwhelmed with this one.  It was incredibly repetitive and unfortunately gave me no new family/household management ideas.) And the second was The Brainy Bunch: The Harding Family's Method to College Ready by Age Twelve (Although I did not necessarily agree with everything presented in this book and was often frustrated with the authors' random writing style, I did enjoy it. But, who doesn't appreciate a peek into the lives of other homeschool families? *wink*).  Now it's on to something a little bit more meaty and harder to digest.  

God's Smuggler- This is the true story of Brother Andrew, dedicated missionary who smuggled the Gospel behind the Iron Curtain just after WWII

Sweetie Pea- 6th grade

For the last two years, my Sweets has had a growing desire to become a vet someday and has even been scouting the internet for information about the nearest colleges and universities that offer veterinary programs.  Along with making many lists of "prerequisites" to help improve her acceptability to SAID colleges, she's also been devouring the entire animal section of the library...one book at a time.  Here's her current reading stack with one fiction book thrown in for good measure.  (Truth be told, I think she picked this particular fiction title because there's a dog on the cover...ahem!)

The Merck Maunual for Pet Health- NO JOKE!  She ordered this from the library a couple of weeks ago and has been reading it every since in her free time.  This home library textbook is so thick it can also dub as a weapon should the need arise!

Super Boy- 3rd grade

Battle at the Castle- Since this is a relatively short read, he'll press on to another book later in the month. 

Turn on the Light, Thomas Edison!- Super Boy is not a huge fan of reading fiction books. But, give him a science book or biography about a famous scientist, and he is ALL OVER IT!

Blonde Warrior- 2nd grade

Willie McLean and the Civil War Surrender- He absolutely loved the historical biographies I suggested last month, so I thought I'd capitalize on that and suggest another one.  He took the bait!

Greased Lightning- Kindergarten

Step Into Reading Phonics First Steps, set 2- This is a series of graduated phonetical readers that comes in a boxed set.  

So, that's what we'll be reading in July.  What about you?

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