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Raising Boys Who Will Be "Strong to Overcome"

Raising Boys Who Will Be "Strong to Overcome"-The Unlikely Homeschool

It's no secret that to the best of our ability and with the Lord's help, The Hubs and I have firmly resolved to raise boys to be men.  Men who will lead with love.  Men who will know and trust the Lord. Men who will rise to the challenge of a life laid down in service to God and to others.  Men who will learn the value of hard work.

Because, let's face it, the world doesn't need any more men opting for extended adolescence.  We need MEN.  Real men.  Men who embrace their natural, God-given leadership rolls with humility.

Raising Boys Who Will Be "Strong to Overcome"-The Unlikely Homeschool

In an intentional attempt to pass the baton to the next generation, The Hubs has enrolled he and our oldest son, Super Boy, in Alert Cadet, a subdivision of ALERT Academy, designed to help equip fathers in raising sons towards Biblical manhood.  As the cadet motto declares, it is a program aimed at preparing boys to be "strong to overcome" (based off of 1 John 2:14)

Part discipleship training, part skills training, Alert Cadet has a very Boy-Scout kind of feel with a Biblical emphasis.  Fathers take a commanding role in teaching and modeling Biblical manhood through such disciplines as service to others, Scripture memory, and physical training.

The Hubs and Super Boy are currently enlisted in the Basic Training program and are in the middle of completing the Basic Training Manual/Handbook.  After passing this short orientation booklet, they will advance onto further ranks earning more "official" uniforms and badges of honor.
This initial Alert Cadet program specifically geared for 8-17 year olds and is patterned after the original Air Land Emergency Resource Team (ALERT) designed to train young men 17 and up in emergency and life skills...equipping them to "serve nations."  

For more info on ALERT and its main vision, go to International Alert Academy or watch this brief video.

It will be years before Super Boy or his younger brothers are old enough to attend ALERT Academy, should they ever have the desire. For now, however, The Hubs is more than eager to dive into Alert Cadet with them.

The level of participation in the program is completely voluntary.  Some father/son pairs opt to go through the program as a singular team.  While others join together with other father/son pairs to form a unit that meets monthly or bi-weekly. The Hubs is currently in the planning stages of forming a unit, but is happily content to work through the program with just our boys should a troupe not materialize

Raising Boys Who Will Be "Strong to Overcome"- The Unlikely Homeschool
Rewiring a broken construction light together

While working through various stages and ranks, the duo will have opportunities to participate in the following:

  • Scripture memory and Biblical discipleship
  • Crisis response training
  • Leadership training corps camps
  • Disaster relief 
  • Father/son camps
  • Three-day challenges
  • Unit meetings
  • Award ceremonies
  • Community service projects
  • Adventure outings
  • Physical fitness challenges
I'm not sure how long my men-in-training will participate in the Alert Cadet program.  Who knows what the future will hold.  For now, I am enjoying watching and cheering from the sidelines as The Hubs intentionally carves out time to pour into the boys walking in his shadow.  


  1. Wow! This is awesome! I had no idea about this program, but it seems fantastic! My first son is only 20 months old, but I've pinned this for future reference. I think it sounds like a really great thing to be a part of. Thanks!!

    1. Stacy, While it is not for every boy, our son is really loving it! It will be interesting to see if our other boys will want to join the ranks some day. They each have completely different passions and we do our best to show them love by encouraging them in those with one-on-one time.

  2. What a really neat idea. Just blogged today about the difference of parenting a boy vs girl and finding your post is very timely as it's been on my mind. As a mom, we have a part/ responsibility in raising them to be men, as does dad! This ALERT is really unique. I like the focus on service and love the "militaristic" training to it. ALERT Cadet sounds like a fantastic option to gear up to it or even in itself. Very cool.

  3. I have to ask (I grew up in an ATI family and some sibling attended ALERT), are you at all concerned with the connection to IBLP and the recent turmoil? I do like the idea, but still feel a bit uneasy about it...

    1. While I am aware of the recent circumstances with IBLP, I also know that an entire ministry should not be judged by the sins or one man. We follow Christ, not an earthly leader. I have been very impressed with everything I have seen with the Alert program. I also know that there will never be any perfect ministries this side of heaven because they are led by imperfect people. Even David, a king hand-selected by God, committed more than one grievous sin against Him. But, the entirety of a nation was not held accountable for it.

    2. I would "like" your comment if I could. GREAT response. I totally agree with you. Also, if I am correct, there has been Biblical reconciliation with the family. What A BEAUTIFUL example. If we could focus on the good and not the bad, I think this would be an example to many hurting families. To reconcile and not split the home in two.