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What We're Reading in January

What We're Reading in January-The Unlikely Homeschool

Our library basket is overflowing this month with some great reads.  The kids have already sped through a handful of titles this month and look forward to digging into a many more.  As of today, our bookmarks are parked in the following books.
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Read Aloud-Everybody

The Sword in the Tree- We will start this one in two days once we finish up a book we were reading towards the end of Christmas break.  My boys are all very anxious to read about the adventures of King Arthur and his court.  

Jamie-that's me!

The Holiness of God- If you've ever wondered why "bad things happen to good people" or have struggled to see the "big picture" of God's relationship with all of humanity, this is the book for you.  I am actually reading it for a woman's group I am involved in, and find it so hard to put down.  I find myself re-reading entire sections to just soak in the words.  It is an exceptional look at God's Holiness.

Sweetie Pea- 5th Grade

A Lion to Guard Us- (Mom assigned reading book)

The Kingdom Series- (Read for fun book) This is a Christian fiction series similar to the Chronicles of Narnia.  

Super Boy- 2nd Grade

National Geographic Kids Planet- (Mom assigned reader)  I'm a firm believer in delight-directed learning.  While a book all about space may not make for a "have me on the edge of my seat" story for ME, it does for my son, and that's what matters.

Defend the Castle- (Read for fun book)

Blonde Warrior- 1st Grade

Cork & Fuzz: Short and Tall- (Mom assigned book)

Dixie Wins the Race- (Read for fun book)

Now it's your turn.  Whatcha' reading?


  1. I plan on starting "the power of,the praying wife", starting the Narnia series for read aloud (using the "Roar" guide book).

    1. I read that one a few years ago. It was great! I've never read the Narnia book aloud, but my daughter has enjoyed all of them for her personal reading time.

  2. We love the Kingdom Series books! We're still working on our Little House series as a family and my boys have a slew of books they are working on. My oldest has at least half a dozen books started in different rooms of the house ;)

    1. It sounds like our oldest ones are a lot alike. How do your boys like the Little House series. We've read most of them, but I usually have to take a break from them after each one, for my boys' sake.

  3. My daughter and I just finished the book A lion to guard us today! We really enjoyed the story. We did alongside of it the unit study A Lion to Guard Us study by Christina Harris, Michelle Light, and Ami, It is free and very good. http://www.homeschoolshare.com/a_lion_to_guard_us.php

    1. Wow! Thanks for the head's up. The author is also the writer of our read aloud, A Sword in the Tree. He has written several good ones.

  4. I love your "what we're reading" posts, but my books we need to read list gets longer by the day! This month I am finishing a literature study of A Christmas Carol with my daughter, and she is reading more American Girl books. She just finished Meet Isabelle and is planning to Felicity Learns a Lesson to go with her American Revolution history studies and then Meet Caroline for her book club. I am reading Teaching the Trivium and also finishing a book about the battles of the American Revolution after re-reading A Christmas Carol.

    1. I can completely relate. My Good Reads.com account has more books in the "to read" section than I'll ever be able to read in a lifetime.

      I've not read Teaching the Trivium. Might have to add that to my GoodReads!